Sunday, February 13, 2011

Allison Weiss - Was Right All Along

Allison Weiss is a great example of somebody going from youtube to your local venue. She's an amazing musician whom identifies as lesbian and loves pizza. I first found out about her through Bomb the Music Industry having one of her youtube videos imbedded on their myspace profile. It was a video of her doing an awesome cover of their first song "Future 86". And since then, I've had a big lesbian crush on her (I know I'm a guy and all, but I also love quoting Mean Girls).

Allison is current living the life we all wish we were living up in New York City. She's making ends meet just by music and graphic design, and you can help her out if you like her stuff by checking out the store on her website and getting yourself some cool swag, dudes. So anyway, back in 2009, Allison's first full length dropped and we found out that she indeed "Was Right All Along". It's like the best solo work ever released in the history of ever. It's like if Ani Difranco was even BETTER. These songs will burn into your brain and injet themselves into your blood stream. Did you know that if someone addicted to cocaine even thinks about cocaine, the blood flows slower in their brain? At least, according to the internet. Well, if you think about Allison Weiss, a similar affect occurs...except it's more like lyrics and vocal hooks run through your brain like a train runs through the lyrics of a blues song. Don't believe me? Bandcamp this shit!

"I Was An Island" is the first song on this album, and is a perfect example of what will get stuck in your head. Her vocals are adorable and her lyrics are amazing. When listening to this album, it feels sort of like you're simultaneously going through her diary and her poetry journal, and she doesn't mind in the slightest; she even encourages it. Do you feel like having another chorus stuck in your head? How about you listen to the HIT SINGLE "Finger's Crossed"? This song is amazing and the music video is baller as hell. I love this stuff. "From You to Me" has some of the better sounding vocals on the album, and I really like the guitar work in it, as well; it definitely fits under the poetry journal selection of songs, too. Whereas July 25, 2007 feels like an awesome mix of the two. The chorus is more of a poem, and the verses are more like making poetry out of everyday life...something she's an idle-declared professional at. World-declared, even.

"You + Me + Alcohol" = Song Idle Put On 50 Mixtapes For People. I think her song title is definitely better than mine. I really love this song, everything about it. It's extremely catchy, and the verse flows beautifully and it's about alcohol and as an ex alcohol lover, I appreciate this. All of it is so perfectly put together and the vocals are so petty. I love it. The next song is "Try To Understand", and this is one of the earlier songs I got into. I remember when she posted it on youtube, and I immediately fell in love with it. In the youtube version, her brother plays the 2nd guitar and it's all adorable. This song is so infectious and it's one of the many that I know all the lyrics to by heart. I sing it to myself a lot, it's true.

"Why Bother" is another great song that I could go on and on about for forever, and it would probably be wiser to just tell you it's awesome. Honestly, you can judge stuff for yourself, right? This review should just be entertainment for you, I hope. I just want you to have further incentive to add this record to your collection. "Yer Going Down" is the cutest song on the album, even if only just by the title alone. Her vocals are so damn amazing. It's weird how I don't notice mention of pancakes or pizza in these songs, though...quite weird. The album finishes with "Ghost Stories" and "Let's Leave", which are two songs I don't think I give enough attention to on my own. Listening to them right now, I wonder why I don't know them by heart yet. It's weird...they're both songs I love...but I think I have music ADD and change albums a lot. I know the choruses by heart though, because they're all really catchy. I think "Let's Leave" might by my favorite song now. Just get this fucking album, and order a pizza. Night, dudes!


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