Saturday, February 12, 2011

Be My Doppelganger- No Composure

Be My Doppelganger is a great 4 piece pop punk band from Indiana that released their second LP on It's Alive Records last August- it was their first album with the label, however. I fell in love with Rock N Roll Genius earlier that year, and I was just as happy with this album. 

"Ignition On"' has an intro that always makes me think Ramones- not quite Teenage Bottlerocket level of Ramonesiness, but it's up there. The rest of the song doesn't though. It's a really great song. Very short, but that's a characteristic of most Be My Doppelganger.
"Big Time Joke" is one of the best tracks on the album.... It's perfect for moshing, singing along in the shower, moshing in the shower... whatever. I don't want to know what you do in the shower with your friends, you crazy kids. The music is very sporadic and interesting- you can tell they experimented a lot and had a lot of fun with the sound. 
The third song is actually my dog's favorite song. I'm not kidding. He wiggles his butt back and forth at the "la, la, la" part. It's cute. "Cha cha chump" is a song of failure with lots of extra vowel sounds- you know, pop punk stuff. It's got a random guitar interlude/solo thing in the middle, and then attacks you with the chorus to finish off the song. "Turning Seventeen" is an adorable song. It has the best chorus on the entire album. The whole album is covered in great lead guitar, but I think it really shows in this song. I'm going to play this song at my wedding. It'll be touching for all, especially the old people. "Slash N Bite" and "Maybe It Was Your Fault" are both enjoyable.... But nothing really sticks out for me. The latter has a really catchy riff, but that's about all. "Throw A Party" is wonderful- a true punx party theme. Anyone who loves parties as much as Idle and I do (that's a lie, Idle hates parties... I still drag him along.) will enjoy this song.
"She's Taking Hold" really shows the traditional punk rock roots to this band. It's like, 60% punk, 30% pop, 10% ^_^ that face.
"Backpack Beers" is the BEST track on the album easily. It's fabulous. 
There are a buncha more songs. But... Find them yourself. :) Listen.
Sorry this is shorter than usual- I haven't slept much and being a 50 year old man, I need my sleep.
That's a joke. I'm not a 50 year old man.
(I'm still getting a hang of this humor thing.)
On that note...

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