Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Taxpayers- To Risk So Much For One Damn Meal

This album came out on Quote Unquote Records right on New Years Day this year, and if you know anything about the Taxpayers, you knew it was gonna be good. Exhilarating News will always be my favorite album, but I'm happy to say that this one actually isn't far behind. I had the biggest crush on Rob when Exhilarating News came out, not gonna lie. It's gone now, but the point of me telling you that, is now, instead, I have a crush on their music.
"The Windows Break" is the kind of song I want playing in the opening scene of the movie of my life, you know? That'll never happen... but if it did, the movie would open with this song. It's fantastic. "And The Damn Thing Hit Him!" has the catchiest damn intro.  This song always makes me think of Wingnut Dishwashers Union. That's a good thing. I really like the style of this song, and how it's always changing. "Everything is Aweful" makes me cringe with the spelling, but it's okay, because I listen to this song every time I spiral into a big hatred-fest. "Same damn time, same fucking place. Everything around here is awful. Something isn't right here, but I can't put my finger on it." is one of the most simple, yet best choruses I've heard in a while. Also, the explanation of this song on the album page is absolutely hilarious, if you decide to read all the lyrics when you download this album. "Geodesic Prison Song" is a very strange song.. I like it, but it's quite odd. It also shows more of Danielle's voice than most songs do- chill, bro. "Louisiana Hot Sauce Rainy Nights" is yet another good song- not one of my favorites, but it's still really enjoyable. It makes a lot more sense when you hear about how this album was written- read about it, fuckers. I'm not here to spoon feed you information! Wait, what? I am. Damn. 
Anyway, "Everyone Just Stood There" is very 50s-esque to me... Do you get that feeling? The lyrics also give me the chills- it's a very sad topic when you really think about it. "Large groups have a certain psychology that makes them less likely to help a stranger than if there were just a few people around. And that's pretty damn scary." is the band's quote about the song. "The Cold Front" is okay. "A Matter Of Simple Deduction" is a fabulous apocalypse song. My favorite track on the album is up next! "Some Kind of Disaster Relief" is everything I look for in a Taxpayers song- brilliant lyrics, great horn lines, and the ability to make something humble sound magnificent. The next song is great too- I have a soft spot for piano songs about how depression feels. "It Gets Worse Every Minute" is a song worth listening to. "My Brother Isn't Dying" is... well, it's good. It sounds just like every other alright song they've ever made, to be completely honest. It's an alright song. It's just nothing wow-worthy. Last but not least, "Let The Wheels Turn Slowly" is a wonderful way to finish off the album!

Great job, guys. To Risk So Much.. was great. Download it, and donate some money! Donate all of your monies! THE TAXPAYERS- TO RISK SO MUCH FOR ONE DAMN MEAL-QUOTEUNQUOTE-

-The Bear

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