Friday, February 25, 2011

Slingshot Dakota - Their Dreams Are Dead But Ours Is The Golden Ghost

Slingshot Dakota are a two-piece piano driven punk band from Brooklyn, NY. Sounds hipstery, I know. But it's not very, promise. The lovely Carly Comando plays keyboard and sings her heart out, while Tom Patterson plays drums and also does a little bit of singing. It's cutesy, it's poppy, and it's excellent. In 2008, Slingshot Dakota released their debut full length, Their Dreams Are Dead But Ours Is The Golden Ghost. And yes, I know it's 2011; I do understand that it's three years later. But the reason for me reviewing it now is that they've just had the album put on vinyl this month. See? That's a good reason. Also, we just started doing these reviews this year; that's another good reason.

Golden Ghost is the shit. Seriously. It's full of poppy goodness and beautiful effort from the talented duo. I don't know where either of these two came from, I mean, I read a review that said Tom was from Latterman...but I don't think that's accurate. I'm going to assume they were just created on a whim by a creature dubbed the poppy-goodness-monster. My assumptions are usually dead on, so anyone can quote me on this and feel just as certain as I do. Nothing else could take credit for the existence of this incredible duo, swear. They used to have a guitarist, but that didn't work out I guess. They seem to be doing pretty okay without him, though.

The first track "Golden Ghost" is pretty awesome, and has been stated by others to be the best song on the album, while the rest is 'okay' or something. But that's hardly accurate. I think all the songs are great, and everyone knows "Ohio" is definitely the best song. I mean, it's about Carly falling in love with Idle and the Bear's home state (I technically live in Kentucky, but 2 minutes from Ohio and will live in Ohio in a couple of weeks). "I fell in love with Ohio, I fell in love with Ohio!" are lyrics that only someone who isn't from Ohio would sing, however. I was joking though, it's not the best song. "i-78" is the best song! It starts off with Carly singing alone for a bit before the keyboard comes in. The song finally picks up with some distortion and drums and enough heat to fry your brother. It's pretty awesome. It's not the best song, I just told you that so you'd listen to me.

I'll quit lying to you about what the best song. The best song is..."Let Go". Actually it's "Until the Day I Die Part 2". Nah, it's "Tour Song", clearly. It has the best keyboard part and drum beats out of all the songs on the album, honest. The vocals are just as stunning as ever, and the lyrics are just as good as you expect. The lyrics really are pretty nice on this album; they're one of the best parts. I mean, this song is a lot of basic lyrics repeated, but it's still beautiful. "And we're driving long, and we're driving all night long, and we're driving all night long and we're not going to stop until the sun comes up!" Carly makes it sound pretty awesome. When she does her shouting parts in these songs, her voice reminds me a lot of Allison Weiss's shouting voice, and it makes my heart all tingly. Weird.

You can pick the vinyl up here, and you can pick up their Demo for free at ifyoumakeit. Rejoice, oh rejoice! I give it a 4/5 or something rather!


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