Sunday, February 6, 2011

Johnny Rev- Hate Me Till Morning/Kill The Lights EP

While the rest of you are watching the super bowl (including Idle), this loser is hiding in her room checking out some stuff from DTFH that she hasn't listened to yet.... Cool, huh? Today, I decided to listen to Johnny Rev, a band from Chicago. They got a little bit of fame from Hate Me Till Morning, from 2005, and released a new EP in 2009- both of which I'm talking about. I'm not really sure how to describe them- emo-core-punk? Maybe. I don't know.
Slow and bass heavy, "My Last Letter" is emo at it's best. It has everything you need- quiet, depressing verses, a loud screaming chorus, claims of leaving, and skinny boys that I think are wearing the same pants as me. Oh, and death. "Shallows" is the second track, and I really like the riff in this song. It's catchy as fuck. 
"I'll wait for you, but not tonight. Why waste this day when I can die? Before you go wake, it's not enough for me to stay. I've lost your trust"- a few lines from "Instead of Me." This band is depressing me... Emo is more Idle's thing than mine. "Corpse" is actually one of the better songs on the album. "Bleed" and "How To Lose A Teacher Without Trying" are alright. "She's On The 8th" is another one of the good tracks- I like the way the music is put together. Also, I laugh really hard at the nice little skit in the middle. Skipping over "Marie," "Not Like This" comes out of nowhere- an acoustic song. Where's the screaming and drums, guys? I really enjoy this song. It's very basic, but it really showcases the vocals. The singing really is fantastic, when you give it a chance. "I'm The Best At Pushing You Away" finishes off the album the same way that it started- HXC BRUH. 
Overall- Really not impressed. I mean, for it's genre, it's good. It's just not my cup of tea, I suppose.

Short EP, but I think it shows improvement since 2005. This is definitely more something I can enjoy. "Kill The Lights" has me tapping along with the drums, and awkwardly stumbling through the lyrics with them. It's a good look for me, promise. "Hail The Princess" has an angry intro. I don't know what I mean by that; maybe it's the staccato. I dunno. Lastly, "Last December" makes me happy because intricate bass makes me really happy. 

Overall: I don't have much to say about this album. It's good, but it isn't anything that you haven't heard before. Go download them and make an opinion for yourselves- if it's awesome and I just suck, let us know.


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