Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lewis Turn Out- Have You Tried Turning It On And Off Again?

This band is awesome.
Pop punk from death to false hope.
I like to haiku.
I really liked their previous stuff, so when I saw this on DTFH, I was all for it. "6 outta 10" is a great song- I've put it on about 3 mixtapes in the past week. I just want everyone to hear it. It's pop, it's punx, it's cute. "Confidence Man" makes me think of Dear Landlord... Which is a fantastic thing. "Never Knows Best" has one of the best intros. It hooks you in right at the beginning, and keeps you in the whole song. It's awesome. I wanna hear this song live SO bad. In fact, I just need to see these guys live overall. "Upchunks and Fuck-ups" just has a great song title. It's a great song too, I love their use of breaks and woah-ohs. ( Woah-oh is a techncial music term now, guys.) "Kinda Like Ripping Off A Band-aid" is not one of my favorite songs.. Fitting, because I also hate ripping off band-aids. Fuck band-aids, man. But like the song, it's not that bad. I can definitely deal with it, because the band-aid is one of those cool ones with faces on them. Did that make sense at all? No? Okay. The song is alright. 
Lewis Turn Out positively turned out awesome... It's a turn on... Sorry, I'll stop. Listen to them. Donate to them. Go to a show. They rock.


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