Friday, February 4, 2011

It's A Trap - Great Album or Greatest Album?

Captain, We're Sinking (CWS) comes from Scranton, Pennsylvania, the home of Dunder Mifflin and Michael J. Scott. If that's not enough to get you to try them out, then I don't really know what is. Wait, I got it! How about the fact that they kick endless ass? Like, if there were an assembly line that just carried asses past guitarists/vocalists Bobby Barnett and Leo Vergnetti on a conveyor belt, they would spend the entire time kicking each ass until they were able to clock out at the end of a hard shift. And then, bassist Zach "Rug Nasty" and drummer Bill "Squid" would clock in and take over the moonlighter shift and finish up the ass kicking. I may be getting a little astray from the point, but I've never cared about that in the past...3 days of this blog, so I don't intend to start caring now.

Other than sharing a hometown with Jim and Pam Halpert, CWS deserves recognition for playing a really infectious pop punk type music with some of the best vocals in the world. I'm pretty certain the dudes will have fucked up vocal chords in their golden years, but the world will agree it was worth it. Each song on It's A Trap has this amazing emotional capacity and the vocals convey this in such a way that you'll probably start crying if you were already in that sort of mood and stuff. I'm going to avoid saying that the vocals remind me of Tom Gabel, because hasn't everyone said that already? Also, we need to quit giving him all the credit for great sounding vocals, at least until he quits putting out shit albums like that recent one.

Down to Business

It's a Trap blasts off with the title track and decides to immediately make you want to listen to this song on repeat. The vocals from both of the singers are just so perfect. The songs are composed really neatly, and the recording quality is pretty much spot on for what I love. There's this really cool sounding instrumental part after all the "I'm Doing Fine" shouts towards the end, and it's only for like two measures but it's baller as fuck.

Crushed By Milwaukee's Best is the second song on this delightful 4-song album, and it starts off with some soft, heatfelt vocals and then everything kicks in musically, and the other vocalist joins in and some sad shit goes down about a boy losing his mom, I believe. "If Jesus walked on water, I can walk on air."

The rest of the album goes the way of things I've described, but the songs definitely do not blend together and become some sound indifferent to what song is on. Each song has its unique flavor, like the next song Swing Your Kami Sword has even faster vocal deliveries than the rest of the album, and has some of the most addicting vocal lines. The music does a switch from its hard delivery to a nice head-bobbing feel towards the end, with the same powerful vocals having sex with your ears.

If you're into punk at all, you'll be into this album. The closing track on the album, Gunner Merring Will Have His Revenge, is more of what you've been loving from this album and serves as a kick in another line of asses on the ass assembly line. Closing off the album with a singalong and repeated line at the end of the song "It's overrrrr, it's overrrr nowww!" There's definitely a theme on this album with telling sad stories in third person. It'll suck you in and you'll end up like me...playing this shit on repeat all day and all night.

You know what else is rad as fuck? The fact that you can pick this album up for free from multiple sources! You can back it up at the super cool Death to False Hope Records site (355 downloads), or you can surf over to hipster-punk heaven and download this badboy from If You Make It (3,800 downloads). Honestly, you can find some sweet free albums on both sites, but DTFH is pretty much awesome-album-guarantee, so we at Idle and the Bear will recommend them 10 out of 10 times. Thanks for reading this review. Download the album and donate to the dudes if you have the cash!


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