Thursday, February 10, 2011

gates- The Sun Will Rise And Lead Me Home

So, DTFH posted new albums, you guys. Go download them. One of them is an EP from a band called gates from New Jersey who I admittedly know nothing about. I've done a little research, facebook creeped a bit, and I've only heard spectacular things about this EP... so here we go!
First track- "A Vague Ambition." I am ten seconds in, and I'm already loving this song.  It's already clear that I'm not reviewing a punk album- sorry, you crazy punx. This is more of an indie sound. It's great though. My first thought was amazing harmonies. My next thought when the vocals start was "I love the vocals!" Fabulous start so far. It's got a very familiar sound with something new to it- I can't figure out what yet, but it's got something new added to the same old sound. I just found a link to their website with all the lyrics, and I'm even more impressed. Kudos for the first track.
"Walls", the second track, starts off a little bit more upbeat and has a very different sound. Again, I'm very impressed with the lyric writing of this group- "Tear down the walls that confine us all and we can start again. Tear down the walls, it's so beautiful to be where we began. Afraid of what's behind, you loathe the other side. But it's here you'll be awake, together we will tear down the walls, it's a shame it got this far." I know it seems like I go on and on and on about the lyrics of bands, but as a fellow writer, I geek out SO much about great writing! I still have nothing negative to say about this EP.
"Burned Us Alive" is probably my favorite song as of this moment- not just on the album... it's got me hooked musically- both technically and emotionally. What's really impressing me about this album is this is NOT my typical genre- I like punk and ska, I don't listen to this type of thing, but I'm VERY glad I decided to review this album today!
"In The Morning" is (unsurprisingly) another fabulous track with lyrics that once again made my heart flutter a bit. I'm falling in love with this band a little more after every song. They are not only fun to listen to- I fall in love with music that has dynamics and technicality like this band. I don't even care if it's complicated- this is a simple sound with very basic tones, but great contrast and put together very, very well.
"At The End Of All Things" is a little musical interlude- no lyrics, very short, also very great.
"Sleepwalker" is a spectacular way to finish out the EP. Another great song.

Okay guys, I don't think I've ever raved about an EP like this on here before. I haven't really enjoyed something like this in a long time. I know I sound pretty lame and over-excited right now, but it's GREAT. You can order the EP off of iTunes, order them from the band, or download them from DTFH. If you guys do decide to buy the CD, I've heard they do a great job with the CDs. They personalize them, they add notes, and the artwork is wonderful. If you do download from DTFH, you really should donate. These boys deserve it.
They're all great musicians and Kevin Dye is a very, very talented songwriter. I'm excited to see where these guys go and I hope I get to see them live at some point this year.

P.S. Do I still have street cred after this? ;)
The Bear is out!

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