Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fierce Brosnan- The Basement Demo

(I promise we're not stalking Death To False Hope. We've both just been on a really, really bad DTFH kick lately. Soon we will exhaust them and go back to our previous Quote Unquote obsession. In fact, here real soon we have some plans for some quote unquote reviews and various show reviews!)
 Fierce Brosnan is a wonderful pop punk band from New Jersey that contains members of Static Radio, Where's Alaska, Dino Velvet, and Yo Man Go. The Basement Demo is a release of 4 tracks off of their first full length album, that they're recording right now. I'm super excited to hear it, because these guys are great.

Only composed of four tracks, the basement demo is short and sweet... And I don't mean sweet like that little girl that lived next door to you in high school, I mean sweet like the first time you ever went to a punk show or when you watch pro skateboarding... or cookies. Yeah, more like cookies. 
"All We Have" is catchy and cute. The first thing I noticed was the poor sound quality, and the next thing I noticed is how awesome it sounds anyway. It's a fun song that is obviously a little bit of improv, a little bit of old memories, and a lot of awesome. The ending is also hilarious with the mouth-noise-type things. The second track is slower with a more technical sound- "This Is Our Home" is definitely an ethos song. I haven't had the best of days, and this is the kind of song that I like to listen to when I'm down. It's got a comforting sound. 
"quiet" matches the title- it's a softer song, but with the same familiar power chords I've been hearing the whole time. Mike Santostefano has a very interesting voice- it's got a rough sound, but it's still soft and versatile. I'm a fan of it. "Never Listen" sounds a lot like "All We Have"- that's a good thing. 

Overall: Really great album. It's not much, but it shows so much potential for Good Luck Exploding, the new album coming out this year. Kudos, you guys. Definitely a band to keep an eye out for.

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