Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Bomb the Music Industry Songs

You Know, Those Ones Up On the Tumblrs

Bomb the Music Industry (or BTMI) has been a favorite of ours here at Idle and the Bear for quite some time now. The Bear loves them, and I'm in love with them. BTMI has always been about putting their music for free online, and that's the main function of frontman Jeff Rosenstock's label Quote Unquote Records (The World's First Donation Based Label). You can get the new Taxpayers album at that site, even; that's pretty baller. 

Recently Jeff posted the Everybody That You Love 7" on Bomb the Music Industry's Tumblr. And more recently, he's uploaded songs Hurricane Waves and Can't Complain on this tumblr right here. Basically, all four of these songs are kick ass, and I'm going to do a quick review of them...I promise it'll be's only four songs.

Everybody That You Love

This song even has a music video! Including choreography by Matt Kurz from Matt Kurz One! This song was pretty much a sign of things to come. You'll notice that there are no horns, because Matt Shinobu is a bit busy playing 3rd guitar up in this bitch. I mean, this song still sounds a lot of BTMI to me, but that's because what I love about BTMI is that they're always progressing. If every album sounded like Goodbye Cool World, we'd all lose interest. But since every album is something new and awesome, we're hanging on every word and chord. This song is fun, catchy, and you'll probably watch the video 50 times. "I know that it's darkest before dawn/Cause I've been staying up for way too long!"

Matchless, Considerable Weirdness, The B48 Home

This song sounds a bit more on the moody side. It's basically Jeff singing about how he's getting older and smarter, and people don't seem to find either of those things cool. This song talks about drinking a tall boy and blowing off your best friends and all this other sad subject matter that occurs a lot in BTMI songs. "I was tired of feeling older, so I took upon myself to act dumber/I was always stuck on smarter, but I traded in all the smarts to just feel younger!"

Hurricane Waves

This song is the first of the ones posted on the Hibernation tumblr. The Bear listens to this song in the shower a lot...she texted me just now telling me to mention this fact in the review. This song is a favorite among a few of my friends, actually. I've always felt really connected to BTMI songs, and I still do. Even the ones about getting older; I know I'm just 20 but I still feel like being an adult and getting older is a lot of pressure. So I can just listen to this song, and be like "yeah, fuck it. I'll drink beer, watch instant netflix, and eat junk food. I'll get a damn job tomorrow." The whole "I can wait 'till tomorrow" seems like a pretty big theme with this song. The guitar parts in these recent songs sounds a lot like Shinobu. I remember going up to the BTMI merch table at Harvest of Hope last year, and I was perusing the CDs and Jeff said, "buy this album, it's my favorite album of all time." So I did...he was holding Worstward, Ho by Shinobu. I then became obsessed with that album for a period of time, and started noticing the influence Shinobu has on BTMI and Jeff's other band Kudrow. I love Shinobu.

Can't Complain

Acoustic! Somber! Hopeful? It's a few of those that, I mean all three of those things. Whereas the instrumentals and vocals pass for a very sad song, the lyrics are pretty hopefuly. I mean, it's called "I Can't Complain" and such. Weirdly though, despite the vaguely hopeful lyrics, you still walk away from this song feeling a little sad. It's not my favorite of the new releases...but as you'll always hear me say, there's not a single BTMI song I dislike.



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