Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Sandwiches- Hitting Refresh To Drop Witty Comments

The Sandwiches, a punk band made up of Scotty Sandwich (who runs Death To False Hope, and put on an awesome festival this year), Wauz Kenobi of Red Tape Parade, and a bassist named Johnny, is a band Idle and I picked up off of DTFH a few days ago. Described by themselves on their facebook page as "beard punk," the Sandwiches have an awesome sound that I'm loving. They have one full-length album coming out in September this year, a split with Mixtapes in July, and a split with Random Orbits in April. Keep an eye out for them! 

The album starts off with "And Out Come the (Timber)Wolves." Idle and I think that Wauz sounds a lot like Brendan Kelly from The Lawrence Arms mixed with Fat Mike. I like this track a lot, I think it was a good way to open. Next off comes one of my favorite names ever, which I think some of you will recognize. "Tom Gabel = OMG TABLE" starts out with a catchy riff and some quiet vocals - this quickly picks up into a loud, angry chorus. Just how we like it. "Give me a ride out of this hell, cause I'm too tired- much too tired to walk." is my favorite lyric from the track. This song reminds me a lot of early NOFX- and not just because of the singer's voice. "Ballad of Against_Me_Guy" is a great song. I love the angsty, apathetic lyrics- as I usually do. "But Would Holy_Balls Do Her?" and "V A N F L I P" are both good songs, but I don't have much to say about either of them. The album finishes off with "Who is Phone?"- this is the track that they want Mixtapes to cover on their split, and I can see why. It's the best track on the album. I love the way the instruments sync up, and I'm a sucker for good lyrics (if you haven't noticed yet.)
OVERALL: This is a pretty good album. I'm not gonna lie- I don't think it's anything special or spectacular. But it's a sound I like, and I'm definitely curious to see what more they can do. Scotty and Wauz are both cool guys- I love Red Tape Parade, and DTFH is one of the main sources of my taste and music I own. 

A few last notes:
First off, kudos to Scotty for the Death To False Hope Fest.... There were some kickass bands there. Also you guys, DTFH is DONATION BASED. Just because you can get the album for free doesn't mean you have to- help out the bands. Really.
Also, Idle would like me to add that if Scotty Sandwich reads this, he wants to interview you!

PS. If any of you didn't catch on to all the Punk News references in this album, you need to stop having so much of a life and spend more time on the internet.
-The Bear is out.

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