Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Sainte Catherines- Fire Works

One of my favorite French Canadian bands, The Sainte Catherines have been bringing back hardcore punk in the best way possible. Hugo Mudie has a wonderful voice that I can't get enough of, and they're all great musicians. They started in 1999, and have been quite the force ever since. I heard Dancing for Decadence before I heard their first album, but I fell in love from there- this album came out in October of last year, and it's awesome. It's a very different sound, but I like it just as much as their harder stuff. It's a recipe of rough vocals, catchy riffs, DIY sound, and activist ideals... Just add candy, sit back, and listen!
"I'm happy for you honey and I'm not jealous at all, but how I would love to tell you all about it now. Well it's all over now, baby blue- remember that I knew love more than I knew you." - "We Used To Be In Love" is a great start for the album. The intro just sucks you in from the beginning of the song- it grabs you by the collar two seconds in. The fast paced drums, gravely vocals, and melody line all tie together into a fantastic verse, and then transition perfectly into a memorable chorus- most people are thinking those words at some point in their life. They're like the French Off With Their Heads for me. They also remind me somewhat of Latterman. That might just be me though. 
"Better Like This" is my FAVORITE track on the whole entire album. It's glued together SO damn perfectly. The way with words, the familiar chord progression in all the best punk songs, and that beautiful guitar solo about halfway in. It's so out of nowhere, but so flawlessly matched up with the song. Excellent, excellent, excellent.
"BLR vs. Cancer (Fuck Off Cancer Song)" definitely struck a chord with me- I'm hoping to be a doctor (oncology specifically) and it's pretty rare when one can tie together punk POVs and medical point of views. It's an extremely sad song about a mother's cancer, and how it really affects the people around them. I love it.
"D'ya Guys Wanna Fuckin' Party After This? No." has a great riff, and is a song about growing the fuck up, and living your life the right way... At least, that's how it hit me. I don't really know what they were actually going for. It's like a breath of fresh air to hear wisdom that I can actually connect to... Normally it makes me wanna stick my tongue out and a middle finger up. ;)
"Chub-E & Hank III / Vimont Stories Part II" is not one of my favorites on the track, but I can say it's got a nice melody and the part about "Do they need someone where you work?" always makes me smirk. Being a musician isn't always as fun as it sounds, kiddies. Oh, and the end makes me happy. I like yelling!
"So Long & Thanks For Nothing" is definitely a spiteful song about the music industry/fans/touring/etc....  I like it. (Side note: it's completely and utterly impossible for me to start a sentence out loud with "so long and" without finishing it with "thanks for all the shoes." Most people say fish... What's wrong with me? ha.) This song is kind of a heads-up to all those hopeful 16 year old boys that are gonna be the next Jeff Rosenstock...
"Back to the Basement That I love" starts off with the greatest intro. Is that a melodica or a harmonica? Either way, YES. So awesome. 
"Maggie & Dave" is a fun song. I absolutely adore the chorus. "Oh maggiemaggiemaggie!" will be in my head all day. Also, I always wait eagerly and geek out at the part where he talks about hanging out with Cobra Skulls. I wanna hang out with Cobra Skulls! 
"No Friends" is fantastic! ANTISOCIAL FTW! This song is my life, for real. I could listen to it all day. The lyrics are awesome, and the melodies go together without fault. Oh, and the ending is cooler than you. And your friend's brother that did that cool thing in college. It's cooler than both of you. Combined.
"Headliners Don't Load (But They Kill Cops)" and "The Great Somewhere Else" are totally chill. 
"I'll Miss The Boys" was awesome. It might be a reference to the bands slowing down- the firey anger is replaced with a bit more melodical, sing-a-long-able sound. It's kind of a future letter to themselves after they break up- he won't miss stressing or even the music- he'll just miss the boys. A lot of the band members started having kids, settling down, etc. And there's nothing wrong with this sound change- this album got a lot of criticism for the boys "losing their punk." Fuck you guys, I still think Hugo's one punx motherfucker.<3
"Reinventing Ron Hextall (I Don't Wanna Say Goodbye)" has the funniest damn song title. It's an awesome song.

This is the Sainte Catherines' fifth full length- could they be burning out? God I hope not, but I get the feeling.
This was an amazing album, but you know when the partiers start to sing about adulthood, growing up, and breaking up, we get a little worried.
Either way, I fucking loved this album and the change in their sound. I love the evolution of their music, and the eclectic ability of the band. I want more Sainte Catherines in the future!
Best songs are "We Used To Be In Love," "Better Like This," "So Long & Thanks For Nothing," and "Maggie & Dave."
Listen to it, you guys. I'm out.

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