Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thousandaires- Million Dollar Move, Two Dollar Shot

This EP is a little old compared to the stuff we've been reviewing lately.. However, the Thousandaires are breaking up after one Europe tour, so I thought I'd review this as a little tribute to the death of a great band. :(
Million Dollar Move was released as a 7" last summer, and then put up on If You Make It sometime in late 2010.. And it's a great follow-up to their demo in 2009. Combined with members from Halo Fauna, Get Bent,and Bridge & Tunnel, they were a superhero in my little world of indie-pop-punk obsession...
"Contaminations" is the first track, and I love it. "Don't spit out your chipped tooth, just swallow it."- So you guys already know the lyrics are great. The music is great too- it's got a very simple but put together sound. It is a little repetitive, but hell, so am I. It's got a lot of variations of tempo... I love that. Oh, and talented musicians! It's got a strong beat covered by great guitar and powerful bass, layered again by beautiful vocals. Win.
"Memos" is in the same league as the prior- I love the guitar in this song. It's a lot like stuff that I write when I'm bored, but you know, with talent. I love you, Thousandaires. I love you. Please don't break up. Songs about mistakes really are my knees. Wait- my bees. No. Knees bees? Whatever.
"Born an Asshole, Die an Asshole" has a fabulous name, for one. The truth is hilarious. This song picks it up more than the rest of the album (please refrain from ska puns) and has a bit more of a tempo, a bit more bass, a bit more drums, a bit more rough. You know, just more. These songs are just angsty enough for my teenage rage. "It just perpetuates the problem" repeated= a lot more awesome than it sounds.
Last but not least, "Grocery-bag Briefcase" finishes off the EP quite well.  I really like the drums in it... I don't know why. It's just nice.

Fuck yeah, Thousandaires, fuck yeah.

Sorry that this review was so short, but between a long day and this only being an 11.5 minute album, I couldn't really write an epic!

Download/Buy CD/Donate here at If You Make It. Do at least one of them. Preferably the last two. ;)


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