Monday, February 21, 2011

thetragichero/campfire split - Burps, Farts, and Bongrips

Today, I'm reviewing an split EP put out by a few Orlando dudes, one of the dudes being Tim, someone we often reference here at Idle and the Bear. FML. (I only put the FML there, because I put the 'today' at the beginning, and I wanted to continue to fit the fmylife format...yeah, I'm retarded).

Thetragichero is a solo project of this dude Chris who is in the Orlando band Ghost Aviary with Tim. They're like emo or something. If you think his project is tired "thetradgichero" with a "d", you're not to blame. The dude who did the album art had a bit of a hand-typo. It happens. Chris has a gruff voice which is similar to that of Ryan Young from Off With Their Heads, and because of that, the OWTH cover on his side of the split sounds pretty awesome. The other three songs on the split are pretty somber overall, and the instrumentation varies between tracks. The first song "Falling Off the Wagon" is just acoustic and vocals and I think a little bit of bass? Maybe that's just the root note on the acoustic, though...I'm not musically inclined. This song basically boasts the term I used to describe his side of the split, somber. It sounds kind of classy and weird, and his voice is pretty cool and soft in it, with the gruffy edge he has. The third song "No, I Don't Want a Mocha Latte" is guitar, bass, and Tim playing drums. It's much more upbeat than the other songs on his side of the split, and would be my favorite if it weren't for the last song on his side deciding its my favorite.

The "Untitled" forth track is piano, drums, and huft-tuft-ruff-n-gruff vocals. I think I chose the right word when I decided to call it somber. This guy definitely reminds me of OWTH overall, and this song being the most similar, despite it being a piano ballad. Don't worry, you won't stay sad forever after hearing this gem, because right afterward you get to hear goofy songs by Tim and Matt AKA Campfire, Suburbia. Campfire is just Matt playing guitar and doing backup vocals, while Tim does this kind of mix between singing and talking depending on the song. I saw them live in Orlando when they played with the Working Dead and my band, and they were pretty silly and entertaining.

My problem with the Campfire side of the split is that it's too damn quiet. The thing I like about this split, is it's pretty much all about internet jokes. Tim is addicted to the clorum (mitch clem's forum), and I feel like this has strongly affected his life. I mean, the first song is called "Get a Cat, Join a Forum"...haha. That pretty much sums it up. Everyone loves lolcats, so yeah. Plus there's the Meet The Parents clip about milking cats at the end of the song, and everyone loves to hear De Niro ask Stiller to milk him.

The second song is about being at a Wal-Greens and seeing a homeless guy buy a beer and cigarettes, and then said homeless guy asks him for change so he can buy a burger. I don't think Tim being straight edge is the reason this annoys him, I think "fake-ass-hobo" bitches just annoy everyone. The third song "Literacy" is just a bunch of authors names and book titles and Tim singing "god I hate books, god I hate books, check them out, check them out"...and a sound clip, which sounds like Pee Wee Herman? No, according to Tim it's Tom Kenny...Rocko's Modern Life. Then the last song, titled "Campfire, Suburbia", is actually sung by Matt instead of Tim, and it's a live song, unlike the rest of the split. It's pretty simple, and most of the song is just "we're living in, we're dying in, we're fighting in a campfire suburbia/we're sleeping in, we're eating in, we are a campfire suburbia" and some elongated "uhh" sounds. Unforunately, no Dio impressions in this song, which is what I thought to be Matt's specialty.

Hey look, I finished reviewing the split! If you want to listen along at home, you can find some of the songs on Campfire's myspace. Other than that, the album isn't actually out yet, so you'll have to wait a little bit and I'll update this post once there's a way you can listen to it or buy it. You should pay attention to Tim and Chris's band Ghost Aviary, too. Because they're emo or something, and that sounds good. Later, dudes!


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