Saturday, February 26, 2011

Very Okay- Small Loud

Very Okay is the newest band on Quote Unquote and they rock! This is their first EP, so I can't really give much background... The Brooklyn based band is a super-group made up of old members of Zombie Dogs, Thousandaires, Cheeky, Little Lungs, Potboiler, Get Bent, ETC! If you don't like at least one of those bands, why are you reading this?
Anyway, cutesy indie pop punk bands are Idle and my lives, so this was exciting for me.
PS. If you're wondering why I only review bad albums every once in a while, it's because I don't like listening to bad albums.
"Dead Horses" has cute little trills in the guitar, and some really cool lyrics. Right off the bat this band immediately makes me think of Lemuria; they're a lot alike. "Where You Go" is my favorite song on the EP. Just as they promised, it's "full of awesome, fast pop-punk!" 
"Soil" is a song of fabulous lyrics.. I love it. Oh, and the drums in this song are very interesting. I'm a fan of it.
"The Hole" has awesome vocal melodies, cute lyrics, and fast-tempo riffs. I like it. "Blue Of Distance" is awesome. I love the ending- she has an amazing voice and she does great things with it. It's catchy and cute, which is all I need in my pop punk. 
"No One Kicks You Here, Bruno" is extremely bass heavy, and adorable.

Angie, Cynthia, Jared and Kate are awesome. 
The vocals are gorgeous, free, and really carry this album. Even though there's only so much I can say about a 15 minute album, I can only say nice things. I really enjoy Very Okay, and this was a great start for them.
You can download here and stalk the band there.

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