Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Direct Hit/Tit Patrol Split - A Review In Haikus by Idle

Holy fucking shit! 
A new split with Direct Hit! 
So fucking legit!

With Tit Patrol too
They're sure to impress you!
Don't know what to do?

Buy this fucking shit
I even wrote you haikus
Convincing enough?

First song by Direct
As catchy as you expect
Will leave yo shit wrecked

It's brain surgery
But it will not leave you stumped
Hey, fuck you! Get pumped!

Mutant Drunk is new
Doesn't sound like their others
It fucks your mothers

No keyboard, just rock
Rigamortis to your cock
Song's nothing to mock

Time for tit patrol
So you all best slow your roll
Listen on a stroll

Fast, fun, and catchy
Really glad it's me and you
Sing along, fucker

Slimming figure, bro
This song will punch your face off
Punker than fat mike

Awesome leads, says me
Delusions; adequecy
The 'of' doesn't fit

Listen to this split
By the Direct Tit Patrol
If names were combined

Download from bandcamp
Both bands have their parts posted


Like my cool haikus?
I thought you would, dear readers
Love your boy idle

Matthew McCarry
Inspired me to do this
So blame that asshole :D

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