Thursday, February 10, 2011

Less Than Jake, The Dopamines, The Supervillains, Off With Their Heads show!

Last night, Idle and I went to go see said bands at the Mad Hatter in Covington, and it fucking rocked.
Both of those pictures are from the Mad Hatter website, not property of either of us. We're both going to share a little bit about the show!

The Dopamines opened... And it was amazing. Idle and I stayed right up at the front, mostly because the pit was boring at the time, and we both would much rather stare at Jon Lewis and scream along with our favorite songs. In short, I fell in love with the Dopamines even more- it was my first time seeing them live. But if you know me, you know it's almost impossible for me to fall more in love with them. I'm such a creepy fan girl. Oh, but I did. They did a great job- I was amazed at how good all their songs sound live. They all have great persona, and they had Roger from Less Than Jake play with them, as you can see in the bottom picture. I could go on for hours about their set, but I won't bore you. The point is, if you don't listen to them or if you listen to them and haven't seen them live, do it. 
Off With Their Heads played next, and it was awesome. Idle and I also have an obsession with Off With Their Heads- he showed me them last summer when we first met and he was wearing a shirt of theirs with a cute kitty on it (which I have since stolen) and I just fell in love from there. They also kick ass live- I don't think my vocal chords will ever be the same. Also, they played Clear The Air, which I didn't think they would do, but they did, and it's my favorite song, and I was a happy Willow Bear!
The Supervillains were next, and I didn't really know them, and even though they weren't bad, I wasn't feeling it, and Idle thought they sucked, so we left my brother and our friends to watch them and went and hung out towards the front for this band... so I can't really say much about them. Idle says they suck and their singer is an asshole though, if you want an opinion.
And last, but definitely not least, Less Than Jake kicked some major ass. I definitely have not been that good of a fan these past few years- you know, since they sold out and all. That was a joke, by the way... I just kind of stopped listening to them. But they were the first ska band I ever heard, and I really REALLY loved them in junior high. They were great- the pit was huge and fun, but due to me having retarded health and also my limit of getting felt up my strangers, I only spent about 3 songs in it. I love how they play cartoon theme songs at their shows- I'm pretty sure none of you can say that you've moshed to spongebob squarepants, huh?
They have fun stage persona, they're still great to see even if you aren't a fan, fuck you if you disagree.
Also, story time! I wasn't even in the pit, and some drunk asshole tried to pull my shirt off and missed and put these giant claw marks on my chest- CUTE HUH? Okay, now I'm done. Idle will be posting his half here shortly. 
-The bear

Guess who we went to see last night? Chances are you already know since you just finished reading the bear's portion of this show review...Less Than Jake, Off With Their Heads, The Dopamines, and (ughhh) The Supervillains! It was more fun than a pillow fight, but at a high cost of 16 bucks! D:

The Dopamines were boss as usual, playing a good mix of songs off of both full lengths and the Soaps and Lampshades EP, and they closed their set with Soaps and Lampshades as per the usual. My voice was almost killed after their set, so I was lucky it was a couple bands before my high school ear-fetish Less Than Jake were to perform. Off With Their Heads were hungover and second to play. They're a great band, and really depressing. That sums them up pretty well. I only know the lyrics to like six songs, and they played one of them...and for the mood I've been in lately it was definitely the perfect one to go dance and sing along to once it came on..."I just wanna fucking cry today, because nothing ever goes my way!"

Oh no, The Supervillains were up next. This is the point in which the bear and I just went over to a bench to sit down and hang out. I talked to my friend Zach about Wizard Rock, The Wonder Years, his fanboyness for Set Your Goals, and his efforts in hitting on our friend Amanda. The Supervillains might not be awful to you, but they're awful to me. The singer has the most annoying stage presence in the world, and I hope he chokes each time he cusses out the crowd. YOU'RE SUPER COOL DUDE, TOTALLY. BRO. Also, who the fuck decided their bass needed to be twice as loud as the rest of the band? And that their sax had to be twice as low as the band, and 4 times as low as the bass? 

LESS THAN JAKE...OMG, LESS THAN JAKE. Okay, so the thing with Less Than Jake is...they're awesome. They're great, they're fun, they're catchy, they're dance music and they played The Animaniacs theme, the Spongebob theme, and the Scooby Doo theme. Balla'. They opened the set with favorite song in the world, and they continued to play mostly songs off of Hello Rockview and Losing Streak. Smart fucking move. They played the one song I like off of the new album too, and then a bunch of songs I've never heard, but were still awesome songs. The pit was fun, despite how annoying ska kids at an LTJ show are...but at least they aren't ska kids at a Streetlight show, you know? 

Show. Was. Pretty. Damn. Fun. That's all I have to say about that. If you ever get a chance to see LTJ, do it. It's worth the 20 bucks you'll probably pay. OWTH are worth the 10 bucks you'll probably pay to see them...and Dopamines are worth selling your children or appendages. Holla!


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