Thursday, February 3, 2011


Do you know what Block Party is? Yes? No? I can't even hear your responses! That's not how writing a blog works! So, I'll just tell you what it is anyway!

We'll start by explaining Community Records.

Community Records is an independent label formed by Daniel "D-Ray" Ray and Greg Rodrigue and located in New Orleans, LA. The label is really synonomous with baller-as-fuck in my book, and I love everything they have to offer. They mix their shit up with formats, too. They have vinyls, t-shirts, CDs and other merch items, and they have have digital tracks up for free and occasionally have a free download day where you can get a hold of more stuff. It's the best deal ever, dudes.

If you like hardcore mixed with ska mixed with awesome, then Community Records has your shit covered (or you can check out Open Hand Records at the same time, which is like some sort of sister label founded by Aaron Hibbert). If you add a deity, wobblies, and world of warcraft to your ska-core mix, then you have A Billion Ernies, and they're like one of the best bands in the world. Honest. They also have Stuck Lucky, Matt Wixson, Fatter Than Albert, and more awesome artists!

Block Party is an annual one-day music fest hosted in New Orleans every year, and this year it will be on April 16th. This year, the lineup is even better than last year...and last year, the lineup was amazing. For 2011 you'll be seeing RX Bandits, We Are the Union, Forthrights (Jimmy Doyle is in this band), A Billion Ernies, Murphy's Kids, Stuck Lucky, Matt Wixson (gay ska), Informant (ex-detonate), Pericles, The Best of the Worst, Green Room Rockers, Fatter Than Albert, Caddywhompus, Marathon, Samurai Deli, Chatty Cathies, The Rooks, Joystick (Duck from Detonate), The Lollies, Sun Hotel, and Stereohype!

I realllllyyy want to go this year! I went last year and it was so amazing. It was like this superincredibleawesome party on a cut-off block in New Orleans, complete with beer and poboys. I think you guys should all go, and if I get to go, you should hang out with me! If I don't get to go, you should have twice as much fun in my honor. Please? Love you.

They're also making a DVD of it this year, almost forgot to mention that!

Here are photos!
 A Billion Wixsons^
 Stuck Lucky^^
 Some people I don't know^^^

^Idle Discovering a Poboy^