Sunday, February 20, 2011

Anniversary Club- Bleed

Chris Stowe (from Cleveland, OH) started Anniversary Club in 2009, and is very heavily influenced by indie, folk, and punk in his music, which he has blended into a simplistic, great acoustic sound. His third release and first full length, Bleed, is pretty great.
Song breakdown:
"Stay Up"- for one, great picking pattern. It's very catchy. Also, Chris has a very nice voice- it really pulls the song together nicely. It's like if Five Times August was stripped down, less pop-esque, and didn't sell out! It's got a real nice calming sound. "From What I Remember" is fairly different from "Stay Up," but still a great song. I like this one better- it's a good song. And coming in at 3, "Bleed," is a wonderful song. Chris again impresses me with his guitar- very simple and yet very beautiful. He's talented. "Kids" is probably my favorite song of his- fabulous lyrics that I definitely connected with. "Everything is Timing" makes me sad, but in a good way. I'm a sucker for songs like this. This song makes me almost as happy as I was when Idle got mad at me for switching our account's language to French... That made me pretty happy though, so it would be hard to beat that. "Dead Season" is fucking awesome! "I met you when I was 17, I was drunk on dreams and your eyes." Talks about getting high, drinking, letters you'd never send, things fucking up, and losing people you love... Who doesn't adore songs like that? "Audio 51" is an alright song. To be honest, I wasn't that big of a fan of it. "The Truth about Almost Everything" was about the same. "Antinomy" was back to the awesomeness- such a sad song, but also very good. I really liked it. "Please Call" is depressingly awesome. I think I'm one of many that really understood what he meant in this song.

Chris Stowe is very talented, and I love his style. However, there wasn't much variety- I'd be interested to see with him play around more with said style. Album gets an 8.5 out of 10, and I can't wait to see what else he does. You can download Anniversary Club on their bandcamp and you should definitely pay lots of money for his work. :)


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