Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Traders- EP2010

The Traders is a fairly new band (started in April) from France that released their first EP on my personal heroin, Death To False Hope. Coincidentally, this band shares members with Nichiel's, which I reviewed earlier this week. Thanks Romain, for showing me your bands!
Even though this band is French, like a lot of French bands, they sing in English. Now you don't have an excuse to not go download them.
"Forgetting Our Duties" reminds me a lot of Off With Their Heads! Can you guys see it? It's a great song. It's catchy, it's got great guitar, and it makes me wanna move. I already love them so far.
"Whiskey in the cola", is presumably a reference to Jack and Coke, and another great song. A lot less intense than "Forgetting Our Duties" but all the same awesome. The Traders are still a little rough around the edges (as are most bands on their first EP) but nonetheless, very talented and fun to listen to.
"My drink tastes like shame (because there are remorses in the glass" has an awesome title for one, and for two, is (surprise) wonderful. "Those Shit Abuses" is fucking awesome. What a cool song. The intro is fucking chill- drums make this girl happy.
"Throwing pieces" has a fast, upbeat rhythm and well, it rocks my socks off. 
(the joke is, I don't wear socks)
"Down", "Wait Til", and "For Ourselves" make me do this >:{D
(pssst. I don't have a mustache! wink face)
"For The Idole..." Holy shit those guys can play. Bass and guitar both were mint.
Overalll.... These guys kind of sound like a lot of other punk bands, to be honest. They scored low on the originality chart for me, but hell, they're new. However, they scored high on everything else.

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