Thursday, May 5, 2011

Abolitionist- At The Level Of The Ear

Abolitionist is a melodic punk band from Oregon that is just wonderful. Dustin, who sings and plays guitar, has a great voice. Jeff is a very talented drummer, and Ross rocks at bass. They're all very good, and this is their debut 7". They have a full length coming out in June! They have strange rhythms and great lyrics. Love it. Also, proceeds on vinyl sold is given to Partners-In-Health and their efforts in Rwanda... How awesome is that?
The first song, "At The Level of the Ear", has this really great guitar line that just carries the whole way through. One thing I really love about it is the drastic tempo changes- they manage to pull it off really well. The lyrics are incredibly powerful. All the instruments tie together really well. It's the perfect blend of melody, punk, politics, and super-models. I made the super-models up. But you should still listen to it, because you can't hear super-models in music. Stupid. It's got a post-hardcore mixed with folk mixed with rock sound, and it's really awesome.
The other side has "Lies" which is pretty similar, but also great. This song is really, really catchy. All the instruments sound absolutely amazing. Also, the track is exactly 3:14........ So it's pretty much the same thing as eating pie. Don't you like eating pie? Yeah? Well, this band is like eating pie with your ears! Yum! The drums are really cymbal-heavy, but it sounds great tied in with the bass and guitar harmonies. It's very light on lyrics, but the lyrics they do choose are great.
Abolitionist has a wonderful sound and I'm so happy I found them.

"You would keep on spouting lies as your lungs fill up with blood. I'm not gonna buy this shit. You can't sell me afterlife. Even your fresh suit and tie cannot sell me on this lie."

Okay guys, here's the thing. Each record is really cheap for such a great album, it's 2 great songs, it comes in two colors. It helps Rwanda, it comes with a digital download and stickers, and it smells like your grandma's hugs. (Note: Only if your grandma's hugs are good memories. Please no murderer rapist grandma memories.) Also, if you have really big pockets, you can fit a 7" in it. Have I sold you on this yet?
Sorry, in all seriousness, Dustin, Ross, and Jeff do a great job and it's worth hearing.

You can stream it on their bandcamp and buy it hereThis is their website and this is the Partners in Health website.


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