Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Dwarves - The Dwarves Are Born Again

There are generally important moments in history, that a lot of people simply won't care about. Two of those moments being The Dwarves releasing a new album after quite some time, and that whole deal with Obama killing Osama. But, at least one person in this world cares...and that's me. I mean, I care about the new Dwarves album, not about the latter too much. Once jokes regarding the World Trade Center were no longer deemed "too soon", the event of Osama's death lost pretty much all of the steam it should've carried. Plus, he got to live in a mansion while I live in my friend's grandma's living room. Life.

So yeah, The Dwarves. Who knows who they are here? I obviously can't hear your replies, which I'm assuming you stated aloud, but I'm assuming about half of you have heard of them, and the other half have not. There's basically this band that formed in the 80s and went through various stages of sounds, and then felt most comfortable blending them all together, with a sort of insanity-stricken pop punk/surf punk finish. This new album boasts that final sound like it's a battle scar they acquired while fighting in the Holy Crusades. This album is better than I expected it to be, but the sun doesn't shine out of its ass or anything. It's a pretty standard release from a pretty standard band. I used to be in love with them, or at least in love with their Come Clean album. That thing was the shit. Regardless, here we are in the present, and not the past.

What to expect with the new Dwarves album:

  • Somewhat obscene album art, but not nearly as obscene as the art used to be.
  • A bunch of catchy songs which you can happily sing along to, sung by the guy who did the "Do the Sponge" song on Spongebob Squarepants.
  • A better version of The Queers (HERESY?)
  • Some songs that don't matter
Really, the best song on the album is "Working Class Hole" and the rest are pretty decent. This album definitely reigns supreme over that Back to the Basement album The Queers just put out, so you should check it out. What do you have to lose? Time that could've been spent droning over that Spraynard album that hardly matters? That's about it.


You can stream the entire album over at AOL Music. Weird.

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