Sunday, May 15, 2011

Part Time Killer- People. Religion. Death.

Part Time Killer is a Finnish punk band and they rock. Out of the four members, three of them (Alex, Antti, and Tero) have been playing music together since the 1990s under the name Flippin Beans. However, in 2007, FB lost their drummer and broke up. However, the band was lucky enough to find new drummer Emil and so Part Time Killer was born. PTK is great- they have politically driven, strong and talented music that I love. They released People. Religion. Death. in March of this year.
The album starts off by startling you with a scary intro- a prediction of the world in 2030. It describes a desolate, melting, destroyed Earth caused by the people. And to be honest, they are probably correct. It talks about war, WMD, cutting down trees, and nuclear engineering. What's even more depressing, they're also probably correct in the fact that even when this happens, the people will still not take the blame for what we're doing to the earth. 
It goes straight into "Heartbreaking Music", which is such a great song. You might be thinking "Hey, a Lagwagon cover!" But shut up, because it isn't. It's just the same title. This song is actually about touring- " “Another amazing town, another amazing crowd, another amazing song but no one sings along.  And it’s breaking my heart.  This is heartbreaking music," is such a great description of what it's like for so many bands. I was immediately pleasantly surprised with the strong velocity in People. Religion. Death. You know, not that Fuck The World was lacking in velocity.
"Saving The World" really shows the skate punk in PTK. Like the entire album, it's fast paced and heavy on gang vocals. It's an awesome combination of the simplicity of punk music, and then complicated awesome melodies. This is the kind of music you really want to knit sweaters to. 
... No, that's a total lie guys. You want to kick someone's ass to it. Or hit up the slampiece. You choose.
"15 Minutes of Fame" is catchy as hell. They throw in some 'woah oh's in this track!
This album, as I said, is extremely powerful lyric-wise. Tracks like "Freedom Fight?" attack the current war situation going on all over the world, and "Church and State" is self explanatory. "Church and State" has an awesome intro and then picks back up into the driven, powerful theme of the album.
"Anti-Everything" was also on the Fuck the World 7", but this time, it includes Sammi from St. Hood. It sounds so awesome. I love the guitar on it!
"Perfect Crime" is so addictive, it's the one track on the album I CANNOT stop listening to. Everything ties together awesomely and it rocks.
The other tracks are "Days of Insanity" (awesome drums) and "War."

Every single track on this album was wonderful. As a first full length, I wish I could say it surprised me, but I wouldn't expect anything less from such a great band.
Listen to it on bandcamp. Look at them on facebook. Look for more reviews this month also on facebook. Check out their website.


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