Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Truezoos- So Listen

The Truezoos are a rock/blues/reggae band from Georgetown and they're so good! They're three boys who pretty much just love making music, from what I can hear. They sound like if Sublime and Jimi Hendrix had a love child. Except that love child would be really underweight and addicted to drugs and have fetal alcohol syndrome, but The Truezoos don't! On that note, RIYL either of those. :)
Are those converse?
"So Listen," the title track, is so great. It has this really laid back guitar line and I was shocked at how much Sean, the vocalist, sounds like Bradley Nowell. It's awesome. The laid back feel is so great. The bass absolutely wonderful, and the guitar makes me feel like I'm hanging out in my sister's stoner van- if that makes sense. I love it. Also, the lyrics are great.
"Just Enough" has this drum track that's so good. It reminds me of the drums in Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden, but I really doubt any of you want to hear that so I'll shut up. The instrumentals make me want to dance and I still cannot get enough of the vocals. 
"Little Miss Mood" is really bluesy. The guitar is GREAT. I feel like this band would be really, really successful in the late 80s to early 90s.. But that just means they rock and I have a feeling they'll be successful in today's day too. 
"I'll Keep This One" is definitely the best on the EP. I could dance to it, I could sleep to it, I could paint to it. I  feel like when the guy in Green Eggs & Ham finally discovers he likes green eggs and ham.. I could eat it anywhere! It's just so calming and great. It's really carefree and all that, but it's still really talented. I can't get enough of it.

Overall, I'm so pleased with the Truezoos EP. It's got great aspects of talent, catchiness, and fun. You've gotta check it out. Also here is their website. 

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