Saturday, May 14, 2011

Algernon Cadwallader - Some Kid of Cadwallader

Okay, so two things. Yes, I'm aware that this album came out in 2008, not 2011. And I know I usually only review things that are new...but also we weren't around with this album came out, so it's hardly our fault. Second thing, this album sounds like a really long run-on sentence. I mean, it's a really good sentence! One about this guy who goes on an adventure to a pretty sweet kingdom and gets in a fight with 30 lion mutants and is required to use his battleaxe of badassedness in order to fight them off, while also not harming them because he's super against that kind of stuff, but he still has an obligation as a noble warrior/adventurer/salesman, so it's not really his fault you know, but it's okay because he successfully fights them off without hurting them) and rescues the princess or prince, whichever it turns out he digs more, you know how it goes, dudes. So yeah, it's better than that sentence. But you know what I'm getting at here; it's hard to tell that these are separate songs and not just one long song.

So you know, the part about it being good. Basically the songs are like constant shit going on with the clean channel on guitar, and a lot of shit going on emotionally with the vocalist's voice. While his style of vocals may not suit everyone under the sun, they suit everyone who matters. You won't hear emotion exhibited this well in singing even if the dude from the story early started a band about his difficult travelers as a mild conscientious objector. It's pretty much the shit, son.

You may notice something about the instrumentals. And that thing you notice may be the fact that these songs would easily narrate a sunny outing at the park, filled with frisbee tossing, swingset utilization, and a lot of exchanged smiles and knowing nods. Yeah, complete with an emo singer on top. So basically, it's everything you could ask for in a band, and more.

So, what more motivation do you need to check out this band? I'm pretty sure I handed you their ass on a silver I don't want any of this not listening to them bullshit. Oh, you can also get the album for free. FREE. So fuck off and listen to it. Jeez.


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