Thursday, May 19, 2011

Man Overboard- The Human Highlight Reel

Man Overboard is an influential pop punk band from New Jersey, similar to Fireworks, The Wonder Years, and  Handguns. It's pretty much just 4 boys having fun and playing fun music. This album is actually (mostly) not new songs. It's 2 new songs, B sides, and remastered songs from EPs.
Mostly, I'm just going to discuss the two new songs. The first, "Driveway" is a great vocal song and has a sweet fast paced melody that's very adorable. The song, in short, is awesome. It's very percussion heavy.  The other, "Melanie, Video Games, and a Slight Fear Of Falling" slows down quite a bit, but because it's Man  Overboard, it's still fast. "I hope for your sake, I miss you more than you miss me" will be stuck in my head the rest of today and probably tomorrow. Overall, both the new songs get a thumbs up.
The Real Talk B-Sides on the album are "I Saw Behemoth and it Ruled" , "Love Your Friends Die Laughing",  "Again," and "Different People." There's a cover of a Promise Ring song, "Red Paint."
The rest of the songs are remastered versions of songs from The Dahlia and the Noise From Upstairs EPs.
So in short, if you liked previous Man Overboard releases, you'll love this one... I think it's mostly just a segway into their debut full length coming up soon, which will rock.

I can't really say much about this album, since it's more of a compilation of older songs put together... But I can say it sounds awesome, because I loved the EPs, too... Listen to it for the two new songs, if not for the older stuff.


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