Monday, May 9, 2011

FLS- Demo

FLS is a 6-piece pop punk band from Middlesex. According to facebook, they like long walks on the beach, boobs, and boners. I'm going to leave that there for you to think about. I have no idea what FLS stands for.
This five track demo is jam-packed with gang vocals, cute keyboard lines, and hardcore based guitar lines. Songs like "Cool Intro Bro"  make me giggle with their funny names. They have a pretty catchy sound with WATU-esque guitar/bass lines and very traditional punk bass. "Ken's Song" has pretty cute vocals, and gets stuck in my head. If you don't like easycore, you'll probably really dislike FLS. However, if easycore is your fetish, FLS is like a dominatrix... Or something. It's the kind of band you can tell is really fun at shows, and the lead singer probably has shaggy hair. I just have a feeling. Anyway, I'm usually pretty good at figuring out what movies/TV shows are in intros to songs because I'm a pop culture geek. But I have absolutely NO idea where they got the 'tour guide' intro in "What Doesn't Kill Ya." The song might be my favorite on the demo though. It's fast paced and fun, and the vocals are really great. I like it a lot. It's kind of hard to really hear the guitar melody but when you do, it's pretty great. For only being together since November, they're really quite good. I love all their intros. "Weathered" has this guitar line that makes me think of Blink-182 EVERY TIME. I can't tell if it's just the settings on their amp or what, but anyway. It's a good song too.
I have a weakspot for pop punk with keyboards... And in today's scene, that isn't hard to get, but still. I always get excited about it. FLS is really percussion-heavy, but their drummer Jeff is talented so it's okay. It's got a good mix of melodic stuff and break downs. The last track, "Homeless" is fairly similar to the rest of the demo.

Overall, FLS is a great easycore band that you should check out. Their facebook has the demo streaming, and hopefully we'll get an EP out of them later this year!


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