Sunday, May 15, 2011

Acting Like Heroes- Get Up or Get Out!

Acting Like Heroes are this awesome Russian easy core band- that's right Russian! I'm going to get a little off track here to describe to you why this is so awesome... Today hasn't been easy. I've been perplexed by the thought of how many belly buttons does Idle have, anyway?, I set my kitchen on fire, I had to murder a bunch of dragons, and then I accidentally wore my glasses in the shower and got them all soapy. I really needed some awesome music... And then Acting Like Heroes walked into my life. Well, they walked into my computer screen. They're a 4piece group from Moscow and they just love making music! They're made up of Sam Kupriyanov (vox, bass), Mark Gaidansky (vox/guitar), Yegor Sakharin (vox/guitar) and Sergei Mordovchenko (drums). They have attractive names and probably badass accents. RIYL Four Years Strong, All Time Low, Armed with Crayons, Stop the Car, Scarlet Pills

The first song and title track, "Get Up or Get Out" starts out with cute vocals, awesome melodies, and really, really awesome drums. It's seriously wonderful music. I'm not even an easycore person in the slightest, but I love this. Everyone in this group is really, really talented. Acting like Heroes is kind of like brocore, but they talk about their friends standing with them a lot less and I don't think they wear flannel. 
"Endless Summer" has really cute lyrics- simple, but cute. The guitar is also extremely catchy. It's a Blink-esque melody, but then it still has a pop punk sound. Group vocals are always the icing on the cake in this kind of music, and ALH are obviously icing people.
"Work Hard Die in Office" has the best beat to all of the songs. I'm sitting here dancing a bit in my chair to it, no lie. "JFK&Decisions" has a confusing title, for sure... But the lyrics are awesome. They make me think of  Mayday Parade. And even though I'm tough, I still have estrogen, guys... And lyrics like this are great. The song itself is great. I'm also impressed with vocals in this song.

Overall, Acting Like Heroes is perfect for you if you like badass drum lines, great vocals, and lots of breakdowns. Check them out. More reviews here.

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