Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mischief Brew- The Stone Operation

Mischief Brew is everyone's favorite anarchofolk punk band and this is their new release! They're known for their rough DIY style, and kickass vocals. Or maybe I'm the only one who obsesses over Erik's voice. I doubt it though... They sing about oppression and other social issues sometimes, but sometimes they just sing for fun. They describe themselves as a band that shares the "good word of anarchy, hilarity, and rebellion" and I can fully agree with that statement! RIYL Wingnut Dishwashers Union, Johnny Hobo, Run, Forever, Arcania Fades, or The Orphans.
The record starts off strong with Erik's unforgettable voice and thrashing drums. It has an incredibly intensity that lots of folk punk bands (Even the greats) seem to miss a lot of the time. I try to be as serious as possible when I'm reviewing, but Mischief Brew seems to have me spinning in my chair with my hands running through my mohawk thrashing. Just picture that guys. It's really, really classy. Seriously though, it's great. They slow it down at least 3/4 the previous tempo towards the end, and it fades out wonderfully. It got me excited right off the bat.
"Three-Cord Circus" slows it down quite a bit and the intro is the cutest thing I've ever heard. It has a sound that makes me think of Laura Stevenson immediately. It's a really simple sound and a kickass sound. The music flows SO well and I love it. The bridge is just as cute as the beginning, but in a different way. I'm sorry if the boys of Mischief Brew don't want their anarchopunk to be described as cute, but IT'S FUCKING ADORABLE. It starts off really soft in the intro, and then gets loud, and then gets quiet again.. But it's still a completely different sound at the end, too.
Besides having the award for Best Song Name I've Heard All Week, "Pompous-Ass Manifesto" is a great song. It's a perfect example of 50% punk, 50% folk. I LOVE the guitar in it, and the variability in the song is just great. Also, I have this game I play when I'm listening to Mischief Brew. You should play it too. Try to guess what they play in each song. All the members have habits of playing both strange instruments and things that aren't instruments, and I love trying to listen for it. You should too.
"Nevada City Serenade" is the greatest song. I really hope I end up at a bonfire with these boys sometime so I can make them play this. Granted, it won't happen. But imagine yourself cuddled up wearing your boyfriend's sweatshirt (or whatever applies to you), drinking a beer and/or making smores, and listening to this song. It works perfectly, doesn't it? 
"Drinking Song From the Home Stretch" is the most ADDICTIVE song on the album. Once it's in your head, it will never leave. Ever. It's 90% talent, 100% of the time. The other 10% is probably either booze or magic. 
"Dallas in Romania" impressed me musically more than any other song, and "Stuff's Weird" makes me smile the most.

Overall, 10 stars out of 5. I loved it. You will too. Buy the shit out of it. Buy 10 of them just to look at. Because only anarchists are pretty. Oh wait. Wrong band. Their facebook. their websiteIdle and the Bear facebook.


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