Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Signals Midwest - Burn the Blueprints

This isn't so much a review as it is an explanatory post of something significant that is going to be occurring in July this year:  Signals Midwest will be releasing a new album. Hold your applause and such. In Cleveland, from what I can tell, there are three significant bands right now. From order of best to least best, they are as follows.

  1. Signals Midwest
  2. The Fucking Cops
  3. Two Hand Fools
So, as you can see, according to my flawless logic and impeccable taste in music, Signals Midwest is on top of their shit. Which is good, because Cleveland is generally a pretty dismal place, which doesn't really bring much to outside world these days, assuming it ever did. I mean, they once had this ska band The Skatastrophes...but that's about it. I mean, the guitarist/singer of the Skatastrophes, Max Stern, happens to be the guitarist/singer of Signals Midwest. But, if you're a normal human, you'll agree that what he's doing now is leagues better than something that was already leagues better than what ska bands were doing at the time when Skatastrophes put out Bout Damn Time. So yeah, Burn the Blueprints.

You may notice that this album art is incredible, because it is. It was done by their bassist's girlfriend (Lauren Vandevier), and it's pretty fucking rad. If you go over to the bandcamp page for this record, you'll also notice that the songs are fucking awesome. Specifically all of the songs, plus one of them has a clip from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia...so yeah. Everything's coming up Millhouse. 

Prepare yourselves, because sometime in the near-enough future, we'll be doing an interview with Max Stern to promote the upcoming album (set to release July 15h) and we'll also post dates for their upcoming tour once everything's set in stone, so that you fuckers won't miss them when they hit up your town (assuming your in the West and such). Oh yeah, they basically sound like they listen to a lot of Ted Leo and Latterman, and then add their own spice of awesome into the concoction. So, get stoked on it.

Here's an exclusive sample from the upcoming record, dudes!

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P.S. Also, it's preferred that you refer to Max Stern as Maxwell "Murderface Murderface Murderface" Stern.

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