Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fireworks - Gospel

There's a new Fireworks album on the horizon, and you know what that means for pop punk boys and girls. It means they're jizzing their pants at the moment. For anyone who doesn't know who Fireworks is, you probably wouldn't like them very much. I feel as though everyone who is into their brand of music is already really fucking into them, so it's like the only people who will really care about this review are people who have probably already pirated the leak of this album and have probably, by the end of this paragraph, tattooed some lyrics from it onto their ankle or something.

Is this album called 'Gospel' due to the fact that there's organ in it? Probably.

I have to be honest from the start. I seriously prefer their previous album, All I Have To Offer Is My Own Confusion, over this new one. Which isn't like something I say just to say it. I'm not the type who thinks everyone gets worse over time or something. I honestly prefer the new stuff by The Wonder Years and Four Year Strong over their older stuff. There's definitely no cynical punk pulling the strings behind this judgement.

Oh, and to clarify-regarding their genre, they're not pop punk as in Dopamines or Dear Landlord. They're pop punk as in The Get Up Kids and SR-71. But, don't be so closed minded. Try them out anyway.

Some of the songs on this album are actually really good, and the lyricism and vocals at times remind me of Motion City Soundtrack, which is close to the best compliment I can give someone. This album lacks a lot of the energy that they boast at their live shows, but it does make up for it in nice sounding sing-along parts and tight musicianship. There are some songs that I'd write home to my mom about, greatly confusing her in doing so, but a lot of the album just merely passes with me. Maybe it'll grow on me, or maybe it's just a mediocre sophomore album. Who knows? Satan knows. That's who.


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