Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fireworks- Gospel

A lot of you have probably read Idle's post about Gospel, which comes out next week. Idle, as you can read about here, was not a fan of Gospel, but he wasn't really a fan in the first place. So I'm giving you my opinion now (I'm sure you want it) in a part-two review of it- mostly because I'm a spiteful bitch to Idle and stubborn about my opinons. Fireworks is a fairly influential pop punk band from Detroit, and they have a pretty strong fanbase. I'm sure most of you either know who they are and LOVE them, or have no idea. There really isn't much in between yet. Their previous album, All I Have To Offer Is My Own Confusion, was awesome, but really, I think Gospel tops it.
Dave, who sings, has probably one of my favorite voices in pop punk. I was never really a big fan until Idle saw them with the Wonder Years and I just happened to look them up, but their music ended up sticking to me like glitter. Except I could probably wash the Fireworks off of me. All the songs have great lyricism, fun guitar riffs, and a lingering mellow-energy (oxymoron) that I love.
If I can agree with Idle on one thing about this record, it's that we're both usually not fans of the style. However, I think Fireworks pulls it off really well and I enjoy it. The cover of the album reminds me of those ads for kids with asthma- you know, these. If there was ACTUALLY a monster in the house and it wasn't just some fucking dog dander and a flower, it would look like that. I'm now assuming this album cover is about asthma. In all seriousness... "Oh, Why Can't We Start Old and Get Younger?" is one of the best songs ever. It makes me think of Motion City Soundtrack with more sass. And zazz. And more background vocals. It really does rock.
The most addictive part of the entire album is the guitar line in the intro of "Paintings of Paul Revere."
Overall, the album has a very light, fun and CATCHY feel to it. It's fun, and I've heard from Idle that they're even more fun live. I honestly do think it's better than the previous album, and I love it. I really felt it was necessary to post a different point of view of Gospel, because I think it's wonderful and deserves a lot better. However, I do think that there are only two ways to look at this album... I have a feeling everyone's going to feel strongly about it, and I just happen to feel that it's strong like unicorns instead of strong like not showering for a week. If that made sense. Go read Idle's review, and I guess you can make an opinion based on both of us and then buy it on May 24th!


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  1. Their first full length is here on vinyl...and it's awesome.