Friday, May 6, 2011

Rickety Cricket - Narwhals Gone Wild

What's everyone in Tallahassee, who isn't in Chilled Monkey Brains, up to these days? I suppose they're up to some sort of 90s skate punk revival. Rickety Cricket (other than being a character from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) is like the house band of the Shark Tank DIY venue in Tallahassee. Their band basically sounds like what would happen if you took a singer out of his ska band roots and placed him in some sort of modern-er Guttermouth lineup, and made them play a sort of pop punk/skate punk blend. I think that's a pretty comprehensive explanation of this band. Oh, the album was also recorded by Roger from Less Than Jake and Rehasher.

Your experience with this album will probably be something like this.

  1. You notice it's pretty lo-fi and energetic, and you're enjoying this.
  2. Suddenly, after the first song, the vocals become lower in the final mix and it sounds even more lo-fi, and you're a bit confused about this.
  3. You eventually feel like you listened to what was pretty much one really long, fast pop punk song.
  4. You still enjoyed it, despite it not varying much song to song.
  5. You probably go look at porn, or whatever it is you do at this point in your daily routine.
Some of the songs on this 'Narwhals Gone Wild' album are pretty damn catchy, as you will notice. If you're cool enough to listen to the album more than a couple times, you'll find yourself singing along to "Shh!!!", their cover of Matt Wixson's "I'm Not Crazy", "Steal This Song, I Know I Did", and "Pruto!". You'll also start to notice at some points that you somehow accidentally turned on Keasbey Nights by Catch 22. You'll especially feel this way when it gets to the song "Handicapped For Life". It's okay though, you aren't. You're listened to Rickety Cricket. Actually, that song sounds like the band Not On Track from Boston or whatever...but nobody knows who they are...and they only had like one four track EP in their lifetime. 

If you take anything away with you from reading this review, it's that you should definitely go to every Rickety Cricket show you find yourself able to go to, and you should also go to every show that the Shark Tank puts on. Although, there may still be a lot of Festers hanging out at these shows, so even though it's not in Gainseville, and this is not October, you might still get Fest Aids. So watch out. And listen to Rickety Cricket.


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