Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mixtapes- Hope Is For People

Hey guys! We know, we know. We're REALLY LATE ON THIS, cause it came out forever ago... But I really, really wanted to wait to get my 7" in the mail to review it on vinyl instead of just some random online download... So bear with me. HA. Bear. Mixtapes, as you all know, are the most amazing 4 piece indie band ever. We've talked about them a lot (like here and here and here) and you can read that for some really detailed bios if you're new to the world of Mixtapia. Hope Is For People is so wonderful, guys.
First off, the 7 inch is adorable. I got pink, because it's the best color, and it's got donuts all over it and I just love it. "Where I Live" is the best song out of the entire album. It starts off really fast with Ryan sing, and Maura slowly works in. Their harmonies are always so perfect, seriously. I love it. As per the usual, their lyrics are awesome too. Maura's verse at the end is so fucking fantastic. She has the best. Voice. Ever. 
The acoustic version that comes with the digital download is also really awesome. It's still just as great when the intensity goes down. 
Putting donuts on the album art was really a great decision, because listening to the Mixtapes is like eating donuts. Magical donuts full of drugs that make you feel like you're dancing with unicorns and eating ramen.
"Hope Is For People" is really awesome. It's a really mellow song, and the guitar line rocks. I dare you to not clap along with the ending... You can't do it. You really, really can't. That can't just be me.
"You'd Better Bring More Dudes" starts off piano and gets to forte forte... It's awesome. The intro is soft and cute, and is a song to cuddle to. About half way through the song, it picks up and goes electric. It sounds really awesome. The "la, la la"'s are like compliments to the rest of the song, and as per the usual, it'll be in my head all day.
"The New Ride the Lightening" has a great guitar line and is primarily Maura, but Ryan tags in quite a bit too. It's awesome. 

Mixtapes are probably my band from Cincinnati right now. It's the perfect mix of pop punk and indie and they always do such a great job. Every time they release something new, it becomes my new favorite record of theirs. You really really really need to check them out if you haven't yet, and buy this record from Animal Style. If you're more of a facebook person, go crazy. While you're at it, go crazier.


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