Monday, May 9, 2011

Hartford- Room 207 EP

Hartford is a really talented pop punk band from Quebec. As we've previously stated on IATB, if it's from Canada, it's probably really, really good. Hartford holds up this statement. It's four boys that are really, really wonderful at what they do. They aren't even on heroin. Statement unrelated. RIYL Mayday Parade.
"Just Like Any Other," the title track, starts off really strong with a great guitar line and Carl Boucher's adorable vocals. He's got a really great voice, and the instruments are great. The "woah oh oh" part makes me die every time. It makes a great impression. Songs like "It's Not Too Late, It's Never Too Late" and "Good Friends are Like Stars" are so damn cute it's hard to handle. "Good Friends" is such a great way to end the album and it's probably my favorite track. I'm probably losing cred for this, but cute music makes my heart jump. It's got very, very catchy pop guitar lines and great drums and I just adore Carl's voice. 

"Stop and Think When Failure is Not An Option" probably has my favorite riff of the entire EP. They do a pretty good job with dynamics and variation, but their strong suite is really being CATCHY. This is music you should play for your slampiece for extra cuddle factors. "Can't You See" has a pretty fantastic sound. It's kinda slow compared to the rest of it, but it's one of those songs you want to clap along to and all that jazz. I love it. 

Lastly, "Secret I Can't Keep" has an awesome intro and I love it. It's also more addictive than the rest of the album. I'll have "It's over, you know by now, it's over!" stuck in my head all day.

I really, really love Hartford. You should check them outTheir facebook also. Our facebook for similar bands.


  1. This band is fucking awful. Your reviews are fucking disgusting as well.

  2. Said the anonymous user with a knack for tucking their dick between their legs.


  3. Lots of love! Keep it up boys I'm so proud of you!

    An old friend from Brantford :)