Monday, May 2, 2011

Glocca Morra/ The Greek Favourites Split

This is a split review, to match the split album!
Bear is taking Glocca Morra, and Idle is taking Greek Favourites.

GLOCCA MORRA is a 3-piece punk band from Philadelphia that has been playing for a little over two years. RIYL Greek Favourites (obviously, hah) Palmkite, Park Jefferson, or You Blew It.
Their first song on here is "Bedford Ave" and I love the bass in it. It's really strong, and then the guitar over it is pretty melodic. Oh, and the claps just make me laugh. I sit at my desk clapping along like an idiot. The vocals are good, too. The instrumentals are probably my favorite  part, though. I also really enjoy the lyrics- they're kinda abstract and I feel like there's a lot of story behind it.
"New Years Eve (Titan House)" is more screamy, which I'm typically not into, but it sounds good and they're good at what they do. Once again, the guitar is extremely melodic and sounds great.



THE GREEK FAVOURITES are basically sex if you enjoy a few specific things when it comes to music. Those things, obviously, are lo-fi pop punk a la Delay and 90s emo a la I Hate Myself. They're from Pennsylvania, which is fitting since they play awesome fucking music, and that's pretty much the point of that state, as far as I'm concerned. 

So, let's get down to it. There are two songs on The Greek Favourites portion of this split, and they are sexier than your parents having sex (yeah man, that sexy). These songs aren't for everyone, but they're for the right people. There's a lot of screaming and a lot of weirdness in the trebly guitar leads, and together this creates this whole league of awesomeness. The drumming isn't terribly involved, and it's really just enough to get the job done. It sort of romanticizes minimalism, like Bukowski or your parents having sex.

So, to recap, if you like The Rocket Summer and All Time Low, you will probably not enjoy The Greek Favourites. If you like GOOD music, you'll probably enjoy The Greek Favourites. But hey, maybe you just won't like them, that's not my fault. That's their fault. For being better than you dudes. I'M OUT, BITCHES.


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