Saturday, May 14, 2011

Green Paper- Fire

Green Paper is an awesome rock band that does conceptual albums based on elements. It's probably the coolest thing ever. They have a really easy, laid back sound that's still very intense and I love it. Green Paper is made up of Tomm Hart, Jeff Lane, Mike Mendonez, and Natalie Newbold. Natalie and Mike are alliterated, so they're my favorites. This album came out in February of this year.
The intro, "Fire" has some crazy shit going on. Honestly, I think they actually pinpointed what my nightmares sound like- but not in a "this sucks" way, in a spooky kinda way. It actually sounds really cool. It's a big collage of sounds that I'm assuming are representing fire, and it's really cool. Then it goes into "April 27, 2004" which is a really, really cool song. It's got a sweet soothing sound and it's so catchy! I seriously love this song, it's amazing. Also, the writing on this album completely blows me away. I can't get enough of the lyrics. They're so talented. They're all really great musicians, to boot. "Good Morning" is a really chill jazz-ish song and the guitar is just wonderful. I can't help but wonder if this song is drug induced, ha ha. "Summer", the last song, feels like summer. It really does. It just sounds awesome. The bass in this song is so powerful, I love it. The sound in this song changes a lot, but it's always awesome. Always. "The Still Waves" is yet another fantastic song with flowing music that honestly makes me think of waves.

Overall, I really loved this album.... It's so good. The lyrics are absolutely stunning, the vocals are strong, and the music just kicks ass. It's got a psychedelic-indie-90s-jazz-hundredsofotherthings sound to it and I just love it. You've gotta listen to it.


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