Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Tigermilks - We Don't Stand A Chance

Unlike whatever Streetlight Manifesto or BOTAR are getting themselves into, The Tigermilks have recently put out what you would consider a HIGHLY ANTICIPATED tribute album. Whereas, SM and BOTAR are currently working on releasing shit nobody wants to hear. Uh, ska is no longer relevant from this point on:  SO, this Belle and Sebastian tribute 7" by The Tigermilks is pretty fucking rad. Cartoonist Mitch Clem has a (surprisingly) good singing voice, and they accomplish something that Me First and the Gimme Gimmes rarely accomplish, which is making the cover versions more appealing than the originals. I mean, this is just opinion, I suppose. I like B&S to a point...as in I've just listened to that Dear Catastrophe Waitress album quite a few times. However, I definitely prefer hearing these songs done as awesome pop punk numbers. It's pretty awesome.

Mitch Clem, as you all probably know, is a cartoonist from like Texas or something. And he did this Nothing Nice 2 Say series for a while, which is claimed to be the first punk webcomic ever. He also did a couple autobiographical comic series, which are also pretty rad. He did the album art for this 7", which is very obvious to anyone who has ever seen anything Clem has ever drawn. He kind of sings like Scotty Sandwich, which is cool. What's funny is just how much this release reminds me of that Slow Death release I just reviewed. Birds of a feather, I guess.

There's not really much to say here. These are cover songs. They're good cover songs, but they're still cover songs. A pop punk B&S tribute is one of the better ideas ever had by someone wanting to release a cover or tribute album of any kind, so it's pretty awesome. I mean, shit, just go listen to it or something. It's all over the internets.


The Tigermilks. Idle and the Bear.

P.S. Clem sounds angrier than I'd have imagined. I pictured something higher pitched out of him.

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