Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sims - Bad Time Zoo

DISCLAIMER:  I don't really know how to review a hip hop. I mean, it's just not my forte. I'm used to talking about the instrumentals, and guitar tone, and the vocal melodies and whatnot. But when it comes to hip hop songs, you really have to just discuss the lyrics it would seem. I mean, that's the focal point for a lot of these artists. I don't care enough about beats to be like, "these beats are dope." But, to be fair, I do care enough about every artist who is in anyway related to the fantastic P.O.S. I mean, the Minneapolis hip hop scene seems to be pretty fucking awesome. And Sims is a part of you know...awesome.

I first want to go back and reference my disclaimer with this line. These beats are, in fact, dope. I mean, if anyone is going to do hip hop and take it seriously at the same time, they need a couple of things to do it right. They need to not suck at their craft, and they need to have beats that are interesting on their own. This is why chart rappers are horrid. Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Drake, and whoever else you feel like naming. They're fun to listen to sometimes, in the same way that watching Dr. Phil can be fun. You just turn you brain off and send your youngest brain cells forward to the front line and watch in mild-bemusement as they die in battle. But, with artists from can actually leave your brain on while you listen to hip hop. It's really a marvelous thing.

Speaking of marvelous things, the song "Too Much" on this 'Bad Time Zoo' album is a marvelous thing. The beat is doper than most and the flows are pretty spectacular. It also features P.O.S., which is an instant win. It's just as enjoyable when you're listening to a P.O.S. song that features Sims.

The main difference in the way I feel about punk albums opposed to the way I feel about hip hop albums is probably the length. When it's a punk album, I prefer it to be an EP or a very short LP. But, with hip hop albums, I definitely prefer length. Clocking in at 16 tracks, Bad Time Zoo definitely does its best to stay for its entire welcome, and it's much appreciated. Every song is as good as the last, and it's just a great fucking release from beginning to end. There's clever lyricism in every song, and songs like "When It Rolls In" include a whole emotional aspect to it.

If you find yourself craving something new in the way of hip hop, then just pick up this album. Seriously, all the other rappers in this world who aren't in Minneapolis seem to rap about fuck all, and their beats just sound like rehashed Dr. Dre beats that Eminem already used. So if you want clever lyrics, flawless flows, and beats with some damn instrumentation....listen to Sims. If you want something else, then I don't really care. Or whatever.


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