Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How Dare You- The King, The Clown, and the Colonel

How Dare You is a great punk band from Orlando FL a lot of you probably already know about. When I first heard Comfort Road in 2008, I was hooked on this band. They have a really awesome raw sound and they fucking rock. They have really unique instrumentals, strong vocals, and awesome lyrics about fighting back. I love their DIY-style and fun sound. This album was just released, and at first I was skeptical... But soon enough, I grew to love it. RIYL Anchor Arms, Red City Radio, Arms Aloft, or Gatorface.
In previous albums, How Dare You really surprised me with their creative melodies. This time, I was a little surprised at the simpler riffs and such, but the more I listened to it, the more I like it. It's still really talented, they just backed off a bit. I love bands that have tendencies to show off the bass here and there- unappreciated bassists make me a sad panda bear and bassists like Seth Duffala really deserve the showcases. The song "Cold Shoulders" probably is my favorite off the entire album- it's so damn catchy and the guitar is fantastic. The lyrics are addictive and I can't get enough of the vocals. It proves the band's ability to be strong and punk without sounding like total assholes... If that makes sense. Oh, and the little bass solo... Yes. <3
"What Year Was That?" is a pretty awesome melody song. It almost wants to make me bite my words on the comment about the simplicity, because they really step up their game on creative riffs. They have a pretty traditional sound, but it's still unique and talented. Also, I can't forget to commend the drummer. Zach Swain rocks, for real. He carries the entire songs, and only certain drummers can do that worth getting recognized for.
"Marianna" has the best lyrics, I fucking LOVE them. It's so great. The song is really wonderful too. I like how they picked up the pace. It's fast, it's fun, it's fresh. I don't know how fresh applies here, but I needed another F word. That wasn't fuck. Because that would just be creepy.
Have you ever found yourself wanting to have a threesome with a cymbal and an electric guitar? If so, How Dare You has you covered in "Horizon." I think I'll just let that statement stand as is.
"Hardship" is another one of my favorites off of the album. It's got the best drums, and really really great bass/guitar. Even though the talent is usually really great on all of their songs, it ties together so perfectly in this song! They all just work in together exactly how they should, and as per the usual, I love the singing carrying over the music. 
"Service With A Smile" is really, really fast paced and I have a feeling the pit is wonderful during this song.

Overall, I really really really really really (do I say really enough?) love The King, The Clown, and the Colonel. They definitely met my expectations in a new record, and I love it! You guys can check out How Dare You on facebook, or on big cartel. I strongly recommend you buy this album RIGHT NOW.

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