Sunday, May 15, 2011

Meet Chapter 3.

I was at Urban Nights this past weekend, mostly for the art, and I happened to end up meeting a lot of talented musicians. Most importantly, I came across one of the best rock bands I've heard in quite a long time.
I was walking around with my father, and we were pretty much done for the night. However, I heard this amazing female voice. It was Jennifer Kuhre, who recently joined the group. I walked over to listen more, and I was so excited at what I had found. Jennifer, as I've stated, has one of the best voices I've heard in the Dayton area. She has a strong voice that captivated the audience- but that's not all. The longer I stayed, I just got more impressed. Dustin Loy, who was the previous lead vocalist, is now doing guitar and some vocals. He, too, managed to blow me away! After two songs, quite a few solos, and a few vocal parts, I was just as impressed with him as I was with Jennifer.

Oh, but it gets better! Michael Fisher (better known as Fish) is the bassist. And if you're a regular at I&TB, you know that if there's anything I get really excited about, it's a good bassist. If I hear one more bass line that consists of quarter noted A's, I'm going to hang myself with an E string. Fish had not only creative bass lines throughout the set, he also had quite a few solos that sounded wonderful! The best part is his bass and I have the same name. Not Bear, but my real name, ha ha. The icing on the cake was Marques McConnell, the group's drummer. He did a kickass job and impressed me quite a bit.

I was lucky enough to get a few words in with the band after they finished their set. Marques, the pioneer member of Chapter 3, gave me a little history on the band. Referring to this as their "second first year," he told me about how he had started Chapter 3 with two other dudes. However, the men ended up parting their ways, and Marques found Fish and Dustin. The three of them worked together and produced a demo with Dustin as their lead singer until earlier this year, when they found the gem that is Jennifer. The group made it very clear they are not going to be another "Dayton band"- Dayton seems to be a wasteland of talent that never seems to go anywhere. However, every now and then, a wonderful sound manages to slip through the cracks and really make something with their music. I think that Chapter 3 easily has a chance to make it.

With talent, charisma, and true love for music, Chapter 3 has everything it takes to propel themselves to the top. When I asked the group if there was anything in particular they wanted the world to know, they told me "Watch out, Dayton!"
If you ask me, it should've been "Watch out, USA."

You can check them out on facebook to learn more about the group and listen to a few tracks. The songs they have up are with Dustin on vocals, and even though I'm sorry you won't get to hear Jennifer, you'll still really enjoy Dustin.


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