Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Major League - Variables EP

This EP is what happens when a band is way too fucking obsessed with The Wonder Years. This EP is what happens when something that by-any-means-should-never-occur, occurs. This EP is the epitome of stupid.

Yeah, I said it.

Yeah, I might come off as some sort of abrasive dick. I mean, I at one point assumed The Situation was the most annoying thing in New Jersey. I was wrong.

The first song is just a blatant rip off of the song Washington Square Park by The Wonder Years. The rest of the album is just a blatant rip off of everything by The Wonder Years. This band has actually toured with them, which makes it even more confusing. Basically, I don’t recommend you even stop by this band’s bandcamp page, despite the fact that I’m, of course, linking you to it. Just don’t bother.


Check out their other album, it's better.

Idle and the Bear.


  1. have you listened to any of their other stuff though? or was this the first you've heard and are just shunned at this point? cause their other stuff is actually really good. and live, theyre incredible. just sayin

  2. If they play around me I'll probably go see them to see what their other stuff is like.

  3. i'm kinda disappointed. usually your reviews are pretty dope but i think you took a wrong turn with this one. ML is the shit. if nothing else, id rather them sound sort of like the wonder years than half of the other bullshit kids put out anymore. but yeah, i'll second "Anonymous" The Truth Is... album is ridiculous. best pop punk

  4. The point is that this album brings nothing to the table. It just upsets me with how it's intentionally ripping something off. It's not even doing it for some sort of comedic value, it's just bullshit. I'll try out their other album, and hopefully they write their own leads on it.

  5. http://idleandthebear.blogspot.com/2011/05/major-league-truth-is.html

  6. I'm just gonna say that being that I'm both friends with TWY and I know ML through tours, this review is a crock of shit. Just sayin pal, maybe you should get off your high horse. And this is coming from the people you feel you need to "defend".

  7. Knowing them honestly doesn't suddenly make this album any more original than it is.