Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Add The Color! 2010 EP

Add the Color! is an indie/pop punk band from Chula Vista. They're fun. Three members, lots of energy, and talent. Similar to: New Found Glory, Katius, Blink 182
"All I Want" starts off with fast drums, addictive riffs, and cute lyrics. It's an adorable love song, with varying melodies and a lot of mouth noises- you know, na na na na. I really like their dynamics.
"Make It On Our Own" got me right away with an awesome intro... Add The Color is good at getting tunes stuck in my head. Again, another emotion packed song with a strong bass and harmonies. I really like the second half of the song a lot better, because it has a stronger sound.
The instrumentals and lyrics in "Right Here, Right Now" remind me a lot of Direct Hit!. That's a really, really good thing. I like this song. Their music is very bodacious, and has great hooks.
"Come To Stay" is mostly drums, and I'm totally okay with that. It's a good sound for them. Oh, and the guitar line, even though very repetitive, sounds sweet too. I like the vocals in this song a lot, and how they harmonize them. It reminds me of most of Idle's music library, actually.
"Not Alone" is last but most definitely not least- it's a captivating song, and not to be a broken record, but this band also reminds me of A Day to Remember at times. Like now. I like it, though. 

I'm sorry that this review is so short, guys! I'll review a full length soon. The thing is, me and Idle play the "called it" and "not it" games with who gets what, and it seems like he ALWAYS gets the long ones! That's okay,  because lately, I'm getting the better bands- like Add the Color. :)


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