Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Anchor Me Down- 2011 Demo

Anchor Me Down is this poppunkcore band from New York that just amazes me. Apparently, they just started playing together in January, and I'm already fuckin hearing this and thinking it sounds great? kudos, boys, kudos.
If you like WATU, Four Years Strong, A Day To Remember, Set Your Goals, or the Wonder Years, you'd like Anchor Me Down.
FIRST OFF... "Now or Never."
This is a really good song. It's got this catchy basic guitar riff, and Matthew Wojtanik has a voice as awesome for this genre as his last name is.. Seriously, how do you pronounce that? It made me smile. The lyrics are cute (I don't know if these guys really wanna hear that they make cute music, but whatever) and of course, what is a song without angry yelling group vocals before the the breakdown? Oh, and does that electronic voice say "Toast" cause I swear it does. Please, correct me. 
"Our War" sounds a LOT like ADTR. But that's okay. This band makes me happy! I wanna dance to this. It's definitely a motivational song... I feel like punching a shark, or something. Well no I like sharks... I feel like punching a spider. Listen to Anchor Me Down, you will have the strength to punch all of the spiders in your house!
"Cheap Talk" is a little different from the other two, mostly because they use more effects (which is okay, as long as it's not overdone and fake, which it isn't in this case) and the guitar gets a little more creative- woo!

Overall, I really like this band. I gotta say, I'd like to see a little bit more originality from them. But what they're doing is awesome too- I'm excited for an EP to come out, and maybe they'll come play a show in Cinci sometime!

Oh, btw, buy shit!

PS after talking to Nick from Anchor Me Down, it says "Piatek" where I hear toast... Thanks , Nick! :)

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