Saturday, March 19, 2011

Carpenter- Sea To Sky

This is a little late of a review, because the album was out in September last year, but Idle and I just got it in the mail last week... So yeah, here we go!
Carpenter is an indie/punk band from Canada, and you probably know about them.
They really rock... They're on Paper and Plastick here, and Goldstock in Canada. They really really love John Cougar (hence their myspace url, johncougarisgod) and sound like lots of bands- anything from classic rock influences to modern day pop punk/indie/alternative. ^___^
Okay, so it's late, I'm already writing songs with a buddy all night, and I have to be up real early tomorrow, but that's okay- LET'S REVIEW AN ALBUM!
"Mean Things" is a great song. I really like the intro, cause it's got strong vocals and the guitar is kind of a percussion/carrying force into the strong verses of the song. They set a strong sound from the beginning of this record that sets them aside from other bands musically- between their quirky riffs and the way they change time signatures repeatedly in the song, it's really a great start to the album. The whole song really interests me, and Carpenter is full of talented musicians.
I really like "Common Law" because I really like Sioui's voice. The guitar in this song is constantly changing tempo, style and dynamic levels. The lyrics are great, and the instrumentals constantly intrigue me. I can't put a finger on what style Carpenter reminds me of... But it definitely reminds me of something.
"Just Another Friday Night" really, really connects with me.. Cause it happens to be Friday night, and this is exactly how it feels. The lyrics in this song are fucking phenomenal. 
"Long Hard Day" is probably one of my favorite songs on the album. It's really powerful, addictive, catchy, contrasting, variable, all of that shit. It's one of the songs on the album that works in harmony with the slower, softer songs to keep the songs flowing and almost bouncing around like electrons. I'm sorry I just made a science connection.
"Northern Exposure" is another fast, upbeat song with powerful lyrics... It's a trend in Carpenter's songs, along with catchy awesome guitar lines. It's a sad song, but it's also a feel good song. 
"One Horse Town" once again switches up styles on me... It's awesome. I fucking love Carpenter. This song has a great guitar solo, and this cute little keyboard (?) thing going on at the end.... What a wonderful song.
"Seperate" really picks up the pace in the best of ways. The drums are a lot more prominent in this song, along with more group vocals than previously. 
"Joan" is so fucking adorable. I love love love love love it. It is DEFINITELY the best song. Mostly just because I'm a sucker for love songs. It's all that estrogen and uterus I have. I'm sorry I just said that. I don't really know what I'm even typing anymore. This song is so sad, but it's so fucking romantic. 
"You Might Be Right" and "I Put My Heart in Everything" combine to make an awesome ending.
"You Might Be Right" is a boppy, guitar heavy song with great vocals and a catchy hook. I love it. 
"I Put My Heart In Everything" is so true, because these boys obviously do put their heart into what they do and I love it. Oh oh oh's are greatly appreciated too. Great way to end the album.

Long story short, Carpenter is great. A lot of people say that it's a let down from Law Of The Land (first LP) but they're stupid. This was just as great as Law Of The Land. Carpenter rocks. I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open.

Nighty night my loves,

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