Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Light Up The Eyes- Winter Demo 2011

Light Up The Eyes is awesome pop punk from Modesto. RIYL... well, any easy-core bopper punk. Yeah.
Okay, first off, "Life Coma." Is that a fucking 3 Ninjas reference? What the fuck? I really hope it's not a coincidence... Cause I laughed so hard at that. Anyway, I like this song a lot. There are six guys in Light Up The Eyes, so I was kind of worried if it would sound complicated... You know, 6 is actually a pretty normal number I think, but I'm so used to these cute little trios, groups make me nervous. Punk music, man.... It sounds good though. I think my favorite thing about "Life Coma" is the keyboards.
"Colima Street" has a totally different sound... Awesome. I like when bands surprise me. You know, in a good way. It's a little more easy core than pop punk in this track. I really like the lyrics- I'm a big word lover, you seeee.

Two great songs. Listen and look out for more from them. Only complaint is the vocals do get a bit sketchy at times, but over-all it was smoothed over and I like it. 

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