Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rise Against - Endgame

I've never been a fan of Rise Against. They've had hit songs that were catchy and enjoyable, but nothing beyond that. They kind of sound like somebody wanted to be the Nickelback of punk music, you know? They sound like Bad Religion meets older AFI meets generic. Their songs can be fast, catchy, and for those reasons entertaining, but they never really have much to show for it. It's bland. Well, now there's another bland album out for pseudo-punks to go nuts over!

The album kicks off in usual Rise Against fashion, which is sounding like Bad Religion with a more emotional vocalist. The production quality is through the roof, while also not being able to drop any jaws. There's a seemingly-randomly-generated guitar solo during the first song that I don't really get. I think my comparison to Nickelback was pretty fair, or maybe they're like Jet. They don't sound like these bands, mind you, they're just the punk version of what those bands represent. Mediocrity and banality all around, folks.

Suddenly it's time for the band to sound like American Idiot era Green Day with the third track "Make It Stop" and I'm pretty confused. Yeah, I know, we've all walked that lonely road (the only road that I have ever known), but most of the times we walk it, we walk it by singing along...not by rewriting the lyrics and pretending it's an original creation. For shame, mis amigos. Don't worry, guys, the band goes back to sounding like a Bad Religion ripoff nightmare immediately after with the lead part in the next song, and they really drill it in with the vocals. It's ridiculous. There's a shit load of like choral woahs that BR are known for throughout this release too.

The drums sounds fake and probably are. That's all I have to say about that.

They think they're metal (or maybe a really hard plastic) all of a sudden for the song "Midnight Hands", and then they quickly forget it after the an extent. There's weird reoccurring plastic-metal elements at times...and actually this song makes them actually SOUND like Nickelback...oh fuck. That sucks for them. Sorry dudes.

"Survivor Guilt" should just be called "It's Time to be Anti-Flag, Guize", but it's that's weird. I'm assuming there's probably some deep, meaningful or rebellious lyrical content that drives this band and their releases, but I just can't get across the mediocre presentation of it all to even reach that point. Anybody else notice how the only really good Rise Against song is that "Like the Angel" song that was on Tony Hawk's Underground? I noticed. That swingset song is really catchy though, not going to lie. It's still just generic and not worth noting.

The metal is back for "Broken Mirrors", but honestly nobody missed it, so please get rid of it again.

I'm so damn glad this album is only 12 songs, but honestly it's a super fucking long 12 songs. There's only one fucking song that's shorter than 3:30...what the hell? You know what? I'm done.



  1. Dude what the hell... If you don't like a band or its style of music why the hell would you write a review for it. No one wants to hear some guy talk shit about their favourite band just because he thinks that every single band in the world has to have a unique, never been heard before sound. So what if Rise Against sounds like other rock/punk bands, they kinda have to seeing that their music is in the same genre.

  2. We usually avoid reviewing albums that we find terrible, but there were quite a few requests for this one so we figured it’d at least be humorous, you know? It’s just fun to have negative things to say occasionally...especially when it’s regarding a band that won’t take it personally. It’s always a bad idea to harshly review like a local band. It’s just mean. But these guys are giants this year. I think they’ll be okay...and their fans will survive.

  3. honestly it sounds all like their last album, still not a bad album though