Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Sounds- Something To Die For

The new Sounds album coming out yesterday appeared to be like a gift from the Gods. If I could marry a Sweedish band and Abba was busy, I would marry The Sounds. I'm kidding. Fuck Abba. I would only marry the Sounds. This is their fourth studio album since 1999 when they formed. Their vocalist, Maja Ivarsson, is gorgeous, talented, and overall one of my favorite musicians. The Sounds are great for you if you like Joan Jett, Garbage, or breathing. I think there was a week about two months ago where Idle and I both had "24 Hours" from Dying To Say This To You on repeat for the entire week. We're both kind of creepy.
"It's So Easy" is really trippy. To be honest, it put me off. I don't know how to feel about it. The Sounds usually are at least INFLUENCED by pop punk, and have a little bit of a rough-but-cute sound. But.. this is all 80s-futuristic-dance heavy. I don't know. Kind of upset about it.
It didn't get any better by the second track, "Dance With The Devil." It's something I can still appreciate, because I'm a total dance junkie, but... Just because I'd dance to something doesn't mean I like it. This music is good... But it's definitely not my music at ALL. I feel like I'm listening to a teen montage from the 80s :(
"The No No Song" looks up a bit. It's still way too poppy and electric, but it at least stops with the creepy woosh noises. I adore Maja's voice, but this turn in their music.. Just doesn't do anything for me. I feel like this song wouldn't bother me if it was mixed in with their older style, but it's just so meh. It's like if Judy Jetson was a hipster.
"Better Off Dead" should be playing in Forever 21 right now. In fact, I bet it is. Do I need to say more?
I have to say one song I do enjoy is "Wish You Were Here." However, I'm never going to admit I like it again... It's adorable though.

Something To Die For sounds like Chamillionaire, Cascada, Duran Duran, and Johnny Foreigner had some creepy 4n polyploid thing that made a CD. It's the kind of thing I'd want to hear at a crazy dance party, not in my bedroom, or on my iPod. The Sounds have made some of the cutest rock music out there, but this isn't it. At all. Sad face.

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