Thursday, March 17, 2011

Caves (UK) - Self Titled

Oh shit, this band Caves that I decided to review today is actually going to be playing The Fest later this year. How perfect! I'll actually get to see them despite them being all the way from the UK. It seems like Fest 10 just serves as a vessel in which everything awesome is stored. I mean, fucking Lifetime is playing, guys. Anyway, Caves. Caves is a three-piece pop-punk band from the UK with girl/boy vocal sharing for their songs. They don't have too many releases under their belt yet, just this self titled, and a split or two and stuff in the works. This album is short, so I'll aim for keeping the review just as short. I don't want to overstay my welcome or anything, dudes.

The first song is "Torn It Down" and has a very soft-poppy feel to it, while still being an obviously punk effort. It's relatively lo-fi, and the vocals sound especially British, which is a good thing. This song and the song after it "Fell Apart" don't feel too different in the way of vocal execution, but the instrumentals differ a little bit. The guitar sounds more short and deliberate in Fell Apart, and it just feels catchier overall. These songs are definite singalongs and will probably erase your memory of anything British (Harry Potter, Douglas Adams, Howard Alias), and replace it with these catchy songs which will run around in your head more intensely than that "Linger" song by The Cranberries.

The third song is about New Orleans, and is called such. They definitely haven't gotten the memo that it's pronounced Nawlins, but it's cool. I want to go back to Nawlins sometime soon...I mean, Block Party is coming up but I won't have money for that business. Anyway, this song is less of a pop-punk song and more of a sort of indie-ballad type thing. It's really soft, catchy, and kind of reminds me of "Sort of Like Being Pumped" by BTMI. It's short, while still being the longest song on the CD, alongside Fell Apart, it only clocks in at 2:59.

The final song, "Hold On Hold On", makes me realize how much this band would fit in perfectly in the midwest pop-punk scene. They sound like the kind of band that would've played at the late Bike Haus of Cincinnati like 50 times. There's the perfect amount of woah-ohs for drunk people to yell along to, and all the actual lyrical vocals are extremely catchy and would become like basement hymns for PBR drinkers Ohio-wide. I'm really stoked to see these guys play the The Fest 10. I sincerely hope they don't play during Lifetime...that would be tragic as fuck.

Awesome EP, plus it's free. Head over to bandcamp and stream this shit, dear readers, for you will love it a thousand times over. You should also attempt to find their other stuff, because I have these other songs by them that are pretty awesome and I know you'd like them too. If I get a hold of anything official I'll definitely review it for you guys.


Dear Caves,

If you ever come to Ohio, you should tell us way in advance so we can make it the best show in the world. You guys are really awesome, and we'd love to help you out in any way we can.

Idle and the Bear

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