Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Story Changes - The Way of the Dinosaur (Free Download by Band)

The Story Changes are this awesome two-piece alternative/post-punk band from Dayton, Ohio (which is where the bear is from, if you haven't been paying attention). I saw them a couple years ago when they played in the basement of some coffee shop with Seditious Libel (political punk band) and Sleep Fleet. The band is made up of Mark McMillon on guitar/vocals and Poppy on drums. The lack of a bass guitar is made up for the an excess amount of awesome riffs, great vocal lines, and some of the catchiest songs you'll ever here.

They draw their influences from bands like Jimmy Eat World, Quicksand, and Alkaline Trio, and I can also hear similarities to Patrick Stump in way of vocal performances, but it's definitely not a requirement for you to like those bands in order for you to love The Story Changes. Their songs are awesome and infectious and the vocal performances are emotional and relatable. The best part of all of this is that you can just download their full length "The Way of the Dinosaur" for free right here! The Story Changes contacted me with a mediafire link to download the album in hopes that I'd place it up on Idle and the Bear in order to get the music out to more people. I think it's a great move by any band to offer material up for free download; it's definitely a proven way to get your music out to more people, and it very much helps when it comes to rallying support for shows when on tour.

I hope you guys take advantage of this free album and give these guys a chance. You won't be let down, because that would be's free! You can out their website (which also links to their pages for like 7 other sites) for more information on these guys. You should definitely look into some of their other albums if you enjoy this one, because they do have a few other releases you'd probably find pretty awesome.

Uploaded By and Supported By The Story Changes

Noteworthy Tracks: The Last Time, Lovers and Enemies, Stop


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